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  1. My previously played mobile games are Brave Frontier, Hearthstone, and then I switch to Game of Dice. Been playing it for 3 months now and it really got me hooked more than when I was playing Hearthstone.
  2. Playing video games on my PS3. And some RPGs on my phone. I love watching movies and series like Gotham, Big Bang Theory, and Breaking Bad.
  3. If you like JRock Songs, One Ok Rock songs such as The Beginning and Mighty Long Fall are the best for me. If you're heartbroken, you can try the songs of "The Script". My favorite song is "Wherever you will go" by The Calling. :)
  4. Nice to meet you all. I'm Jake Nielson. :) I'm actually a gamer playing on my PS3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. A big fan of video games mostly RPGs. So I hope to meet and know other android gamers here. :D
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