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  1. If the picture stored on SD card, then it's possible to recover deleted photos with Android recovery software. If not, then it's almost impossible to recover.
  2. The battery dries quickly, even not play games, lol
  3. Freemake is also a nice option. It's free and supports all major mobile phones, including Android, iPhone and Windows phone
  4. Hello Jake, welcome on board. My name is Frog, hope both of us have great time here. P.S. I have Galaxy S6, mostly for reading and phone calls.
  5. I usually play games either on a computer(for large games) or phone(for small games) .
  6. Update your phone's OS, the problem got fixed in new releases.
  7. Here is another tutorial that helped me recovery deleted photos from Galaxy s5. The recovery app supports a wide range of android phones. You can use it to recover deleted photos, contacts, text messages and videos. Hope this help if OP's method didn't work.
  8. Simply connect your phone via USB cable, mostly will be shown in an separate drive. Double click and find the photo folder, then copy and paste it to your local hard drive. However, if you want to back up files to PC, this would be a bit harder to do that.
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