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  1. I agree with Dropbox, WhatsApp and Quickoffice because they are the only apps I really use at the moment.
  2. Definitely on phone! I mostly play games on my way to (or from) work, that’s why I don’t want to carry a large device with me all the time.
  3. I really can’t understand why so many developers and users don’t like Flash anymore. After Adobe hit the market with their technology some fifteen years ago everyone loved it (including me too, of course) because the appearance of the internet was definitely changed for good.
  4. A big plus are definitely the fast and easy ways to connect with people, especially via social medias. Communication in general changed over the last few years, for instance who is asking for one’s phone number when you can get a contact instead with all the information you want?
  5. I gotta say you guys have style! I’m just using @geekmania’s “nordic houses” for my own mobile right now :)
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