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  1. My LG L65 D280 needed reflashing because of many critical errors. After I followed http://www.modifyandroid.com/stock-roms/lg/how-to-flash-lg-l65-stock-firmware/ everything was good. Phone went back to normal. However, after 2 weeks it lost his IMEI number and not logged into a network. I decided to reflash it again with another firmware. And again, everything was good with new firmware but after next 2 weeks it lost IMEI again. Do you know what can be reason of its behavior? It is a bit frustrating... I would like to note that I am not able to recovery IMEI with any tool/code, etc. Only reflashing can fix it. Have you got any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Is there any APP available that allows to recognize a text message within SMS and inform user with a specific ringtone? I know there are APPs that can assign a ringtone to a contact person but I need APP that will recognize a specific phrase and will inform about it with a specific ringtone.
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