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  1. Hi...I've tried searcing on this and other forums for an answer to a strange problem I have with my phone. Several months ago my wife bought a Lenovo K3 Note on ebay. It turned out to be a chinese version with a lot of preinstalled apps that we couldn't remove. She's very pleased with it and works very well. It just gets a bit annoying when these chinese apps pop up occasionally. The phone connects to our home wifi no problem. I liked her phone so much that I decided to buy one myself. The one I've bought through ebay is a different version to hers. This one has the ROW (rest of the world) version of Lollipop installed. It doesn't have any of the annoying chinese apps installed. The phone works very well and I'm really pleased with it except for one problem that I can't find an answer for. When I connect to our home wifi it connects ok but after around 3/4 minutes it locks up the router and we can't connect to the internet with my pc or my wife's phone. As soon as I disconnect my phone from the wifi the router starts working again and we can connect to the internet. I've checked and tried many different settings but can't find a reason why this is happening. I've connected my phone on wifi through various other routers, eg family, hotspots etc and it works ok but for some reason not only does it not work on our home router it actually freezes it. The only difference between our phones is that hers is a chinese version and mine is ROW. Our isp is EE and the router is a Brightbox. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's had this problem or anyone who knows a fix for it. Thanks. Den
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    Hi All.................My name is Den and just joined the forum. Looking to get some good tips and info for our tablets and android phones. Hopefully will be able to contribute to other forum members also. Den
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