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  1. My android phone is getting slower and slower, and my friends told me that I need to clean my phone storage, I deleted the photos, music, and books and everything that I can delete, but the storage still shows occupied a lot, there are a lot of system files, but I don't know which part can be deleted and which part cannot be deleted, I fear that I android phone will not work anymore if I deleted some essential files. Anyone can give me some useful idea?
  2. Each of my Andriod phone can not used for over a year. Mostly, after the first half year, then it becomes slower and slower, and the bacatery is getting poor then I have to charge it every several hours. So I have to change a new Android phone almost every year. I used cheaper one before, then I wondered if I buy an expensive one , shall it will be better, but fianly it proves that, it's still the same, cannot survive for over a year. OMG, I think I'll have to chage an iOS phone next time.
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