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  1. Hey guys, the dual camera on HTC One m8 says the camera is blocked. Remove your hand. After digging in forums I found out that the dual camera needs to be calibrated . It can be done executing file in /system/bin/dual_camera with -w. But it fails [email protected]_m8whl:/ $ /system/bin/dual_camera -w write calibration data to emmc... can not open file: /data/misc/camera/[email protected]_m8whl:/ $ Please help me. Local shops say that the camera needs to be replaced. They think that camera is faulty. Because I know that it is not faulty because sometimes ( 1 in 20 tries) I am able to used dual camera edits like u focus. Please help me guys . Thank in advance. Relax : instrumental ringtones download, country ringtones download, sms ringtones download
  2. Hi, About 2 years ago I bought a Philips 298X4QJAB 29-Inch Screen for my computer. It was working great until a couple months ago it started to flash these blue lines across the right side of the screen. I updated all the video cards thinking that was the issue. Still did it. I replaced all the connectors and that is when I noticed that it was doing the flickering even when the computer was off and the HDMI cable was unplugged. I tried googling it but can't find much information about it. Is this a sign of a screen problem? Is it something I need to send back to get it repaired? If so, how do I go about doing that? The monitor was expensive so I don't really want to replace it. NOTE: I have a picture of the blue lines I see flickering but the forum is not letting me upload it for some reason. ------------------------------------------------------ Relax: zedge ringtones, popular ringtones, latest ringtones
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