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  1. Following the recent Android Oreo 8.0 update, all my Google Play Music playlists are listed as 0 tracks. I don't understand how a system update would change a application like Google Play Music. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a way to restore playlists that have been deleted? In my case, this represents many hours of creating playlists for more than 400 tracks. I desperately need a solution as apposed to re-creating each list again manually.
  2. Update: I did do the upgrade from 32GB to 128GB using a CD Card and I changed to the portable storage which allowed for all my apps and data to remain intact. I now use the "external" CD Card to store my music and photos while the "internal shared" storage is used for applications and associated data. I also found it necessary to add a add-on battery backup to support my use of several GPS's with local maps when hiking and off-road driving. I now have a Moto Z that is a very powerful tool in my life
  3. I'm not sure this is the right place to post for Moto Z Droid having not seen any other posts. Nevertheless, I just purchased one and would like to upgrade the CD Card from 32GB to 128GB but am not sure what the correct procedure would be in order to retain my apps and their associated data. I am currently configured as "Internal shared" storage rather than "portable" storage. Can I change that when I upgrade? Any help is welcomed. :unsure:
  4. Just purchased a Moto Z Droid with 32GB of memory but this will not support the pictures and music I had on my old Samsung S4. How do I upgrade my CD card to a 128GB CD Card and change it from "internal shared" to "portable" without starting from scratch. I have already backed up my current CD Card to an external USB drive but I am not sure about the applications on the CD Card. :unsure:
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