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  1. Hello everyone, I am using Samsung Galaxy view tab but there is one problem in this. Battery life of this device is too low may be due to big screen. Is there any way to increase the time duration of battery used in this or we can attach a different battery with this.
  2. #2 still isnt working right even after the last update. I just love when you report a problem and never gets fixed....what a joke
  3. That is not good. This is probably just something temporary but please paste the error message in this thread if it happens again.
  4. for this issue I have one solution dont use your tab while charging it cause problems to battery and then battery starts heating.
  5. Hi all, I am using Dell vostro laptop. I installed rhel 6.0 on the laptop but i am unable to boot into runlevel5. please help me to resolve this issue. Regards Sachin Garg
  6. as u said,, the voice worked properly as long as the music plays,,,, did u already have ff7 voice?....
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