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  1. Anderson

    How long does your android phone can use?

    I usually replace the phone in two or three years.
  2. Anderson

    Share the apps you use most?

    Facebook WhatsAPP Skype Youtube
  3. Anderson

    What you normally do when driving car?

    I like to listen to music when driving.
  4. Anderson

    People who love to read

    I like to read science fiction.
  5. Anderson

    What are you listening to?

    Some classic country music
  6. Anderson

    What are you most interested in?

    I want to be a successful entrepreneur.
  7. Anderson

    How to restore lost android phone photos?

    Well, it depends. 1) If the lost photos are saved in the internal memory of the Android smart phone. You need a professional Android data recovery tool to retrieve them. Note: Normal picture recovery software can not recover any files from the Android phone's internal memory. 2) If the missing pictures are stored on an external memory card. You just need a normal memory card image recovery tool to get them back. Hope to help people in need.