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    Must-have apps for Android

    For me its Xposed Greenify GSam battery monitor Titanium back up Ad away Amplify Viper4android
  2. When will maps from Switserland, Italy and Austria be available for Android ?
  3. Bentjudges

    Please help me

    hello can any one help us here. I am also stuck on no system screen in the recovery. Please share the stock rom so that i can flash it.
  4. Bentjudges

    Problems with Android 4.1.2 update?

    Thanks will try that, Firefox has just appeared as a browser choice after last Windows update. May I ask what the advantages are?
  5. Bentjudges

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review

    I think Samsung has currently some engineering problems. I would not be surprised if they get more cautious after what happened with Note 7.