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  1. as we know, n7, no rear camera, i am wondering if you guys will be cautious to choose this tablet because of this reason !!
  2. I am very interested in N7, but i do not know too much about it , but to me the most attractive is the size and the price....
  3. nowadays, many people watch TV with small tv box with wifi , it is very convinient and can watch the videos all around the world...what about u, are u still watching TV in traditinal way..
  4. i am just interested in mobile phones, you know , now i am using iphone4, not iphone4s, becuase siri can not support Chinese, in fact, i like to comumunicate with other countries people all around the world. In China, we can not watch Youtube on Internet, we can hardly follow the world, what a pity. now i am working in Shenzhen, China, selling some dgital products to foreingners. just like Android mini TV box and so on.
  5. yeah, genreally speaking, iphone is the most popular in the world, but u know what, it sells about 5000RMB in China, it is really very expensive for many Chinese guys, especially those students, a Chinese high school student want to buy some apple products, but he can not afford them, so u guess what he did, he sold his kidney for 20 thousand yuan, then he bouguht an imac , iphone and ipad, what a tregidy. i know that, in USA, it is very cheap.
  6. hbbsdfdsj

    Google TV

    in fact, google TV is a trend, they will repalce the traditional TV.
  7. i am a chinese guy, in China, many people own iphone, it is really hot in China, they regard it a fashion trend. I think the secong hottst is Samsung i9100. many chinese guys choose this one, but the amount is much fewer than ip. i think chinese people have made a lot of contribution to apple. what about u, which one is the hottest in ur country, share with us..
  8. the sim is great, u can build ur house whatever u like...
  9. i use ipad2, it is a little expensive for me, maybe i will choose another cheaperone instead later........
  10. i will choose a 16g one, it sounds that it is really hot, not have one means that u r not fashion. i must folow the steps, haha
  11. i like to chat android things with u, and sharingis really a happy thing..
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