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  1. thank you, yes you are correct that is the tablet I own. since your reply I have done some more research and as far as I can find out it appears that these tablets are manufactured in china and they do not install the full version of Google Android as this has to be licensed and I believe they have to pay a fee for this. so the Google Android on these tablets is not a full version even though I have Google Services Framework 2.2 listed in the applications this is not 100% functional. I am a long term PC user but do not know enough to work out how to get the full version on this tablet. Basically if I look in market and search for Talk or Google places it can not find them, if I try and download from the Google web site it installs them but these can not be used or seen on the tablet. I also believe that Google maps and navigation will not function. I have GPS and a app that tells me I have 24 satellites tuned but maps will not find GPS. I downloaded street view and this is shown in list of Apps but not anywhere else and will not work on Maps either. I believe this can only be corrected by obtaining the full Google Android version and that some users have managed to get this from a hacker or some other source. I am in the UK and purchased this from an eBay shop here in the UK, they are not interested in assisting anyone they just want sales so I have sent a review through eBay and mentioned these problems. Can you help to get full Google Android? Your help is very much appreciated.
  2. my tablet is from ebay model Flytouch Android Tablet 10 cersion V2.3 2011.09.19 Kernal Build FRF 85 B
  3. Hi, thank you for this info, how do I go about getting this ?
  4. I have a new tablet no name or android 10 tab from ebay hong kong. It has 8 gb and android version 2.3 2011-09-19. Kernal i have been trying to install google talk as I have on my sony phone but it will not install. I want to use this to chat to my daughter who lives overseas. Can anyone help me as to why this wont install on this tablet? All tips appreciated
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