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  1. Actually no you don't want more than one AV on any device (computer, phone, tablet, whatever). They need same resources and can fight each other for them and actually cause more harm than good.
  2. None of which I have a need for out of a phone that is 99.9% used for business calls/emails. Don't get me wrong the geek in me loves to modify the hell out of every device I own, but like I said the Bionic has been so spectacular and funcional out of the box I have not had a need.
  3. The Bionic is actually the first android phone I have had that worked so well for me out of the box that I haven't felt a need to root, however the geek side of me will eventually pull me to the dark side yet again. :)
  4. Does anyone know or heard rumors as to when the Bionic will be getting ICS?
  5. I have had a transformer prime for about two weeks now and must say I love it. It comes in super handy when doing wireless survey's and such for work, now if only there was a way to hook an rj-45 to it I could do away with my field laptop all together. :)
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