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  1. I own a Nexus 7 and have been using the standard launcher that comes with it. I have apps and folders that are on the main screen as well as the other 2 screens to the left and also the 2 screens to the right. I just downloaded the Google Now launcher. I like how you can scroll left to go into Google Now but it seems to only have two screens for apps, the main screen and the screen to the right. Is that true or is there a way to access more screens to place apps and folders on? Thanks for your help.
  2. I have a Nexus 7 tablet running the newest version of Android. I have a website that I use that's an internal website for the company and is used for training purposes. For that reason I can't post it here but I can easily use it on my Mac computer and can view the website, videos, etc. Unfortunately I can't use the website on my Android tablet. When I try to use it it says it's missing a plugin. It seems to be looking for something for SABA LMS. I looked it up and it seems to be a learning management system made by a company called SABA. I was unable to get help from them and the company I work for is unable to help me. I actually have the same issue on my iPhone. I've tried using both Chrome and Firefox on Android and both give the same message. There must be some type of plugin I need. Does anyone know what plugin I can use or possibly another web browser, media player, or some way that I can get this to work? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have the original Motorola Xoom with the newest version of Android that can be installed on that device. I can't remember what that version is now. It has been working fine although VERY slow. I know it's age is showing and actually am waiting on the update to the Nexus 7 and will get that. The issue is when I turn it on it seems to be booting and then goes to the screen that almost looks like a screen saver where it's showing the rainbow like colors in a pattern. It just keeps doing that, nothing more. I have even left it on overnight to find it doing the same thing the next morning. I've unplugged it figuring if I let the battery run down it'll work fine when I boot it up but no luck. I even try turning it on while holding the volume up button which I've been told is some type of soft reset. Is still will not boot. Any idea of how I can reset it so I can still use this device? Also, as mentioned I'm upgrading shortly. This tablet is now sold old it's barely usable. If there's some type of hard reset that will reset it to factory settings and hopefully allow it to work I'll do that. If I'm able to do that I'm at the point I'd likely just sell it now on eBay and wait for the new Nexus 7. Also, I don't know if this is possible but I realize it's gotten slow with newer versions of Android. I may even downgrade to an older version of Android if possible. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks. I didn't realize they do that. I'm going to download that and get the newest version.
  5. I read on the internet earlier that it seems that Google Voice won't work on the Nexus 7 app for making phone calls. I see the app is available for the Nexus 7 and I downloaded it and logged into my account but I don't have access to a dialer to make calls. Is this unique to the Nexus 7 or to all Android devices? I have the Google Voice app on my iPad and can simply pull up a dialer to make a phone call. Assuming I can't make phone calls with the official Google Voice app am I able to make Google Voice calls with a 3rd party Google Voice app? What are some 3rd party Google Voice apps that I should look at? I have thought of looking at Talkatone but I would only use the Google Voice part of it and it seems more complex than what I'd like to use. I like the simplicity of Google Voice. Thanks for your help.
  6. I have a Motorola Xoom and installed Adobe Flash for it. My fiancee recently ordered a Google Nexus 7 but I read the article about how Adobe Flash was going to be removed from the Google Play store but unfortunately the day it was removed was just one day before her tablet was going to arrive. My question is one of her favorite websites is heavily flash based. One thing that made her get Android is the fact that the iPad didn't have flash. Since it's her own tablet she is using her own Google Play account so I assume that she is not able to get items that I have in my own Google Play account. Is there any way for her to get flash? Are there 3rd party apps available other than Adobe Flash for her to play flash? Is there a way for her to get the actual Adobe Flash? Since I have the Adobe Flash app app on my Xoom is there a way I can copy it to her Nexus 7? If so, how would I do that? Are there any other app stores or websites other than Google Play that would allow this app to be downloaded? Thank you for your help.
  7. I just ordered a Nexus 7 which will come later this week and want opinions on screen protectors. Should I get a screen protector or are they necessary for a Nexus 7? If I end up ordering a screen protector I'm obviously looking for one that does a good job protecting the screen but also I'd like one that is anti-glare since I will use this at times in bright environments. Also the ability to prevent fingerprints/smudges would be great also. Thanks for your advice.
  8. I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M that I use with my Mac laptop. I'm going to be buying a Google Nexus 7 shortly and I know it has a Micro-USB port. The ScanSnap has a standard USB cable but I know I can get a different cable with a Micro-USB connector for it or either get an adapter. For this reason I know I can hook up the hardware but would it work with the Google Nexus 7. I imagine I'd need some type of driver or app to use it with. Does anyone know of a way of being able to use the ScanSnap to scan items into an Android device? Thanks for your help.
  9. I'm planning on purchasing a Google Nexus 7 shortly and at my home office I use a MacBook Pro. I'll frequently be using this tablet on the go and I plan to keep the files that I'll need to access when on the road on my Nexus 7 or on Google Drive. There may be time I overlook something. In cases like this I'd like to find an app that will allow me to remotely connect to my Mac. In many cases this would allow me to for example to view Word files and find the information I need. I don't know if any of them offer this option but it would be nice if there was a way that I could also take a file from my Mac and transfer it to my Android device. Do any apps offer this? Obviously security is very important with the above. I have used an iPad in the past and know there's an app called iTeleport that does something similar than this for connecting remotely to my Mac. Thank you for your help.
  10. I am purchasing a Nexus 7 shortly and currently use Filemaker 12 and Bento 4 on my Mac and iPhone. I'm looking for some way to use filemaker on Android. I've done some google research and it seems one of the best database apps is Memento but I've also seen mention of Cellica and FMDroid. Are there any Android database apps that would work with Filemaker? I'm fine if I have to import the filemaker apps and even change format. Also, if a database app exports a csv format it would also be useful since csv can be imported into Filemaker. The ability to import a csv format file would also be a plus. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  11. The Nexus 7 seems like the perfect tablet and I plan to purchase the 16GB version shortly. I also have the Xoom and have used the memory card slot for extra memory. With the smaller size of the Nexus 7 I plan to use it frequently while on the go. I know that the Nexus 7 unfortunately doesn't have a memory card slot. This is unfortunate but with the Micro-USB port are there any options for additional storage? I know there's devices that can plug into this but that it depends on what Android Jelly Bean can support. I'd like to be able to simply purchase a memory card reader that can plug into it and have memory cards inserted into it. I'd even use the option to have an external hard drive if necessary. The only thing I've come across is the possibility of using wireless hard drives for storage. Has anyone been able to add external storage such as the solution with a memory card reader and a memory card? If not, what hard drive solutions, wireless or not, work? Thank you for your help with the above questions.
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