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  1. A team of developers from Russia :) We've launched a start-up project dedicated to mobile applications. You are welcome to join us! B)
  2. We want to unite "smartphone fans", ie all people for whom the smartphone is not just a dialer, but a powerful and useful gadget. We would be grateful for all opinions from "experts" and "dummies". The point is very simple - please, share: what you like and dislike in modern smartphones? What features do you use and which of them seems to be redundant? What functionality works well, and what still leaves much to be desired, etc. and so on? :huh:
  3. Of course we understand it. And all our products and the entire service will be based on an innovative recommendations system– scalable technology with context-aware hybrid recommendations engine and powerful data analysis capabilities. We work closely with our Lomonosov Moscow State University on that issue. And we think, that it should also provide real-time app and content usage recommendations based on users conformity and computed satisfaction metrics for each pair of user / application. But such idea do not inspire investors. So we are not succeed with finding investors to that moment. And now we try to understand the reason.
  4. Hi everybody :rolleyes: The point is rather simple. We believe (that is a hypothesis) that it's a big deal for the majority of Android users to understand all the possibilities and advantages that Android OS could bring to them. :blink: So it's a greate opportunity for services (mobile applications) which can operate themselves adjusting a smartphone to his owner needs. By analyxing the pattern of using the smartphone and all best users experience practices. And thereafter giving them different recomendaitions of what they could do with their phone setting in order to optimize its productivity, what application he would like above all and would be the best to work on his smartphone and so on and so forth. So what do you think about all of this. Thank you very much in advance for your feedback! B)
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