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  1. On Nexus S I was using an extended battery and could last for 2-2.5 days usually. Could be that with 4000mah I will be getting also 2.5 days, but I was a little tired of bulk though.
  2. So, I've read some reviews and did some research on forums about GNex and looks like it will be the next pick, because it's a Google phone and after using Nexus S for 2 years and getting all major updates on it, Google phone it is. The only issue I had with Nexus S was the battery life and I never solved it, because I heard many bad things about extended batteries and such. For Nexus S I found a 3900mAh battery but never risked to buy it, but If I go for Galaxy Nexus, I'm afraid I will be getting even worse battery life than on Nexus S, so in this case I'm considering to get a 4000mAh battery from Mugen Power. I found this review about it http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1572775 and wonder if anyone here also used it. Please let me know, maybe we could do a test thread here.
  3. Can you be a little more specific? Were those other devices Android with NFC by any chance?
  4. Hi, I'm from Budapest and I'm glad to be here!
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