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  1. Hi Revmacd, Thanks for sharing this information, Its very important to everyone and I like to always prefer this information. It is provide some related informative information and make it very easy to know everything.
  2. mikearnill

    Where should I buy a Nexus 7 from?

    Such a nice information you share here, This is really very informative information for everyone. I try this and its working very easily and I am done very fast so I like your every post and I must read this all.
  3. If you want to edit a new calender then the 'edit' button does not allow when trying to edit a new calendar you have to use the 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich operating system of Samsung Galaxy 2 phone. The calendar entries that were imported from gingerbread allow me to edit the entries.
  4. mikearnill

    Galaxy S III

    Galaxy S3 is not a cheap-feeling phone as well as very effective device. I am very impressed with this device because its very slim and trim device to other device. This device also support android operating system and 4.8" display.
  5. mikearnill

    Micromax phone

    I have Micromax A45 latest mobile phone, This device is support android v2.3 OS as well as 3.5" Touchscreen and standard HVGA resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. This device offers amazing specification as well as some of the attractive features, a better camera and a very good user friendly interface will definitely impress you.
  6. mikearnill


    Hi, If you want to buy any accessories of electronics product then I suggest you best online site is Ebay which provide you different products accessories. It is also provide best offers for your online shopping and you will get many choice of the products accessories.
  7. mikearnill

    Anyone use those cheaper tablets?

    I am not using this version tablet, I have 10.1 version tablet which is very attractive device. This device measures 10.3 x 7.1 inches, with a 10.1-inch display and resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Its cost is also affordable so everyone can purchase this device.
  8. mikearnill

    Android on Tablet question...

    Now a days every tablet support android operating system. This device offers attractive features such as androids latest OS version Ice-Cream Sandwich, a better camera and a very good user friendly interface will definitely impress you.
  9. mikearnill

    Nightmare.. Only wanted to unlock my phone.

    Every phone have their unlocking code, simply get those unlocking codes and it will help you out to unlock your phone. You will be able to get those codes from your near by store or from Internet.
  10. mikearnill

    Galaxy Nexus took a swim now has network issues

    I will recommend you not to replace the hardwares, it would kind of risky. I think you should simply walk to your near by store or service providers they will help you out to fix it.
  11. mikearnill

    Hi i am new here and pls help me

    Well the apps which you are downloading is for your mobile not for your computer, they will not even run on your computer. If you have a tablet you can run on them.
  12. mikearnill

    Updating unlocked galaxy nexus to jelly bean in UAE

    It's simple, simply get the unlocking code for your mobile and it will help you out to unlock your mobile phone. You will be able to get those unlocking code from your nearby store or from internet.
  13. mikearnill

    Anyone use those cheaper tablets?

    Well I had used Huawei S7 tablet before I switched to nexus 7. Huawei S7 is one of the coolest tablet I had ever used, it was kind of messy but though I enjoyed it. I love it's simplicity and design.
  14. Yeah it is kind of cool, don't worry you will be okay with its performance. From it's configuration you gonna love this tablet as it have damn huge screen, lovely design and it seems to be damn fast.
  15. Yeah !! Heard many rumours about it, I am damn excited for it. I love it's design and simplicity most. It have marvellous design and it is damn simple to use.