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  1. What you can do is just go in the phone setting then choose the sound from the list and then choose Sim notification 1/2. Because it’s a dual sim phone , so it depends on your choice for which sim’s message tone you want to change. Select the required Sim Notification option and then select tone as per your choice.
  2. Playing games on tab is a unique experience... very entertaining..
  3. Go for Xperia Z3, it is the best phone in the market.
  4. There might be some application in your phone which is using the same gmail id that you are using to download google play service, disconnect your Gmail id from that existing app and then try installing the Google play service.
  5. @anthonyx, well I would say there's nothing much to think about it, if you like that song then that's totally your choice you can put whatever song you like at all !
  6. Well, Anthonyx what are your requirements from a tab??? I mean do want it to play games or something else ??? Also we would like to know your budget when you are looking around in getting a tab !!
  7. What I like most with the modern smart devices is the functionality, the ease of finding everything just at single place is something that I would say is going to amazed you the most, you can eat, travel, watch movies and just anything with the help of your smartphone now but if i talk about the things that I don't like about my smartphone then it has overtaken my privacy I know apps like Whatsapp and all are way to good as it helps you in connecting with our friends and family at an instant but I am sure you must have ran onto situation where you would feel this is just not the right time for these it has killed your privacy a lot !!
  8. Hi nick welcome to android forum, good to have you with us !! I can't understand the lightweight Android concept over here ??? Are you trying to know about the custom ROMs available for your HTC device or you are looking for something else ??? I think you need to be a little more clear about what you are trying to ask over here as we can't help you out until or unless we know what you are upto !
  9. No, it's not possible to run parallel OS with Android in dual boot mode like you use to do with the Windows PC ! Because over Android devices you can't put anything other than Android OS, so this doesn't leaves you any room for putting up some different OS even if you some how put some other OS and then also because the runtime of Android is different from that of other and i don't think that is going to work out at all !
  10. Well, @Nick I am afraid about this one but download location over the Chrome in Android devices can't be changed its only offered in the Windows environment. I am pretty much sure the tutorial you are following is for the Windows one because you can't find the same tutorial or reference available for Android.
  11. Yes, Adbobe photoshop app is available for the Android device you need to head over to the Google PlayStore tap over the search button and look out for the Adbobe photoshop I am sure you can find the same !
  12. I don't think that there's any need to worry much about it as I am sure all your contacts are automatically saved over to your Google account, by the time you made a switch over from the Samsung S3 to LG G3 make sure you put the same Google account you are using with S3 over to the G3 all of your contacts will be automatically sync over to the G3. So, I don't think that there's any reason to havoc about it that much !
  13. Well, @rosario1990 S5 is quite a great device but don't you think that it's a bit old now ???? Also I don't think that upgrading over to the S3 and S4 would be a good idea at all, as in samsung smartphones retire faster !!! Maybe you should think about it a little more while and start saving up for an S6 rather than looking for S5, S4 or S3 !!!
  14. Well, yes going forward in getting a Nexus 5 is defiantly is a good choice as it's the best budget device that Google as ever offered you can see a number of developers supporting Nexus5, in terms of custom ROMs ! But I am sure you must be aware that Google has taken Nexus 5 out of the production so I would say if you have a little more budget then getting a Nexus6 would be much better option.
  15. Hey @Patim that seems a little complicated to me as I can't understand how things are going on over their ! I am bit confused about wether you want to sync your data or you don't want to do that ??? I think I need to be a little more clear to understand what you are trying to do over here !
  16. Well, try heading over to the settings > Application Manager > swipe the apps to the left until you get to "ALL", and then Look out for the "google Text-to-Speech Engine" > once you find it tap over it and press the disable button.
  17. Well, @rosario1990 do you have any specific device which you want to suggest to @OP I think it would be much more helpful if you mention the model number over here as there are a number HTC variants available !
  18. Well @tamim I am sure you must be aware that LG G3 is over the market means I don't think that getting an LG G2 would be a good idea, I am sure soon LG is going to show up LG G4 so think again about the same !
  19. @Jayesh I don't think @OP over here isn't trying to ask something over here rather than OP was trying to know what more he can do with his Android device as he/she is coming from iOS and now the OP is kinda new over it. So if you have anything specific in terms of feature you want to point out then that would be much good ! :)
  20. Well, I don't know much about iPhone I have never used and iPhone in my whole life but anyway for an added information over here I would say iPhones are not rooted rather than the term we used over iPhone is jailbroken ! ;) Also this is an Android forum so I don't think that you will find your answer over here rather than you may need to head over to some iPhone forums and all.....anyway Congratz for a new iPhone :D
  21. Well, there you go head over to the post over Reddit It will guide you in unlocking the boot loader ! See if that fixes the problem you are encountering !
  22. ...lol... that looks like a sad song to me ! :D Don't tell me that you ..... :D !
  23. Well, don't worry most of of the RAM is system preoccupied means Android OS (Samsung TouchWIz) has occupied most of the RAM to give your fluent experience ! :D Which is the reason why you are seeing only 870 MB available for your usage ! That isn't an issue I think you should blame Samsung TouchWiz for that !
  24. Well, in that case I would say did you tried clearing the cache and the data stored by the Google PlayStore ?? If not then you can head over to the application manager which can be located under the settings, tap over the application manager, swipe left to all and then look out for the Google PlayStore app tap over it force stop the app if required and clear the cache and the data stored once done again try restarting and see if this time things works great for you ???
  25. Well @edokid I do completely agree with you on this one as I do sometimes ran over the same problem with the swift keyboard application, why don't you keep using the stock Keyboard which I must say is well and good ! Try using that ....
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