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  1. I just bought the Tab S 10.5 wifi version, and am looking for app suggestions, I do want to use the tablet to read eBooks and posibily comics, I also want to game* as well as listen to music & watch movies. * Anyone know a good Bluetooth game pad for the games that play better with one than without?
  2. As you know, they made the Armour for the S3, we [the S4 owners] need to band together to get them to create the Armour for the S4. I'd gladly pay the higher price for the Armour and replace my Defender with it, and I know a few other people who have an S4 that have told me the same thing!
  3. I use the Otterbox Defender on mine, I've also got a Defender on my Galaxy Nexus...yes, I have two phones, but I no longer use the Nexus, but I have to keep the phone number up & running on it till at least December because I used that phone number to enter a bunch of contests before I ended up winning the S4.
  4. I posted a similiar question on 3 of their facebook pages, never got an answer. Of course, I was asking if they'd bring it out for the regular consumer and not just for the workspace (ie: people with jobs).
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