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    listen music,read,play badminton and jog
  1. apokin

    A problem

    my computer use broadband connection and my iphone use 3G network, now i want transfer some text files from my computer to my iphone,but mostly software only work when the computer and iphone in the same network. what should i do ? why can not transfer by usb cable?
  2. apokin


    :wub: ,welcome!
  3. apokin

    Hi, all android fan

  4. apokin

    buy a android phone

    i want to buy an android phone .i have found www.lowerpricebuy.com and some other foreign website sell it with good price. i have never bought anything from foreign website. does anyone even do it?
  5. apokin

    new member report

    Hi,all,i am a love of mobile phone,working in a Electronic products company in china,i like electronic,hope share and study with others.