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    Assets Managing-Scanning tool.

    I looked at scanpet in the google play store, and below that you can see all the other similar apps that might work for you.
  2. islandfellow

    Recommendation on what app to use

    You look into Chatter http://www.salesforce.com/chatter/overview/ or alternatives like that. You might be able to make it work. I would say go with Google+ You add all your friends in a circle and you can do all that stuff, and even have video chat with up to 9 "peeps" at once.
  3. islandfellow

    Must-have apps for Android

    1. WhatsApp (messaging to international friends and family with no sms fees) 2. Evernote (Note taking/organizing) 3. Navigation (Vital for me as a firefighter) 4. Grocery IQ/Out of Milk its a toss up between these two (Shopping list, I all ways forget that one item) 5. BeyondPod (Podcast manager/player)
  4. islandfellow

    Looking for a calendar app

    Dito the first answer, but what is wrong with the calendar app that comes with android?
  5. islandfellow

    Looking for Android app that...

    Take a look at Pageonce it might do the trick. https://play.google....S5uZXRnYXRlIl0. You won't get a widget but if you click the icon it takes you right to your account information if you enable auto login. It does some other stuff also that you might find handy.
  6. islandfellow

    What Carrier do you have for service?

    Droid Razr M on Verizon, been a customer for a very long time. Their coverage is arguable the best here in Georgia. Their is no LTE in the small town I live in but when I do get the chance to use it, the speed is even faster than my home DSL.
  7. My favorite game at the moment is "Wordsuper" on my Sony Tablet S just keeps me coming back.