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  1. The way that HDMI works, you would need to either degrade the signal into DVI in order to seperate audio and video OR you can get a AV Hub/Switcher/Reciever lead the HDMI into the reciever and then you have several options on how you want to out put it. Keep in mind switchers can be really expensive.
  2. I think you are confusing Android devices with computer. The Android OS is a mobile OS and isn't meant for built for desktop computers. Anything with ethernet just isn't likely to run android.You can probably find cheap chinese tablets with this combination but i wouldn't recommend any of them. Just get a full computer
  3. If you have it on Kindle then you can have it on your android phone If your android has Google Play then download the Amazon Kindle App, Once it is installed log into it with your amazon login and it can restore any books you on your Kindle E-Reader If you don't have Google Play, then use your android phone and go to this link. http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/get-appstore/android Download the Amazon App Store, once that is down then use it to search for and download the Kindle App, then again log into the Kindle app with your Amazon login and you can restore any books you have your Kindle E-Reader If you don't have it on the Kindle or don't want to use the Kindle App, then you download Kobo, or eBooks, or Google Books and try to read it that way. I prefer Google Books but that is preference. PDF is very sluggish on Android (and most computers) so i would avoid that if possible. most of my books are in ePub format and play just fine in any of the three apps i listed above.Amazon distributes their e-books in a proprietary format that only the Kindle App can use so that is a bummer
  4. Sam's CLub has them, some Wal-Marts, Targets usually Basically all of your major stores SHOULD have it but no promises. Also Gamestop carries them Call around to your local stores and ask if they have it and if so which model the 8GB or the 16GB. if they don't have it they order it and you have to wait in which case you would be better off ordering it straight from Google PLay
  5. If you are rooted then titanium backup is the only app you need for straight back up purposes. The File explorers usually have limited back up capabilities and when they will backup the app, they usually don't backup the data. This is good if you need to pull the APK of an app for an unsupported device but in pointless in most other cases. Titanium backup can backup everything. App and data and its google play link so when you restore through titanium backup it will show back up in your Google Play My Apps lists. THe file explorers have other advantages in managing your files but overall they fail for back up purposes when compared to titanium backup. IF YOU ARE NOT ROOTED they are virtually all the same. pick one and be done.
  6. Internet Explorer is a horrible browser and should not be used by anyone on any OS ever. lol At least any version before IE 9 (i haven't used that one yet) There are literally a dozen browsers to try. If the game Chuzzle is a flash game, then you will need to download flash first. Adobe discontinued flash officially so we have to get it from a different source. If the game is a flash based game. download flash from here and then move it to your phone's sd card (or download it directly to your phone). On the phone go into settings and then (depending your the pantech overlay and version of android) inside either applications OR security should be a box called unknown sources check that. Then install the version of flash we just installed. Reboot your phone and give it a try. If it is just a browsers incompatibility issues. There are a dozen different browsers to try Make sure you are trying to use Opera Mobile and NOT Opera Mini, Mini has many features cut out for simplicity sake There is also Dolphin Browser HD which i can highly recommend for anything under android 4.0 Skyfire has a built in flash player but results are iffy, it is worth a shot if nothing else works. Firefox has an android app which is really nice There is also a chinese browser that looks functional UC Browser CHrome has one as well but last i check it requires android 4.0 ICS If the phone is running ICS then i could try ICS Browser + which is my browser of choice on my Optimus V there are a few dozen but those are the more reputable ones
  7. I love the constant connection. 2G, 3G, 4G and beyond i love being connection. Even through texts and phone calls i hate going without. I really enjoy touchscreen technology. I know it is a incredibly small part of smartphones but it is one people take for granted. Imagine trying all of these on Blackberrys with tracballs. Fuck that Modern Smartphone design, its just sexy. it is nice to look at. Dislike lag, hate it. close ecosystems (iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phones) I want my phone to look like my phone not fit the vision of what some executive thinks a phone should look like
  8. http://i.ebayimg.com/t/DIY-Google-Android-Plush-Toy-Green-Android-Robot-Stuffed-8-Xmas-Gift-/00/$(KGrHqUOKi0E16B,2ipeBNkZhJWg8w~~_12.JPG I have one of these i use everyday as a desk ornament and occasional paperweight
  9. bdfull3r


    If you are using a wireless router why would you need to use the internet pass through feature? Make sure you have the last drivers installed. From what i understand (I have never used HTC Sync Manager) the Sync Manager should take care of driver issues but you might want to look into that. If nothing else uninstall Sync Manager. Reboot your computer, and then re-install it. Make sure your computer's has an internet connection and not just a wifi connection. When you connect the phone to the laptop make sure you use the USB data cable not to try and do it over wifi
  10. Some of the forum sections should really be more updates. We STILL need a a general section. Lounge/off-topic doesn't cover it when users have legitimate android related posts they can't place anywhere. Also some of the phones-tablets with their own sub-sections are outdated. Like under the phones. Instead of the Atrix and the EVO 3D
  11. Bear in mind this mehtod will ONLY work for the N90, every Android device is different. Root methods are different as well.
  12. You can only change the OS is a really smart and motivated developers wants to change the OS on his device. 9 out of 10 times, those developers get REAL phone and tablets, not some cheap chinese knockoff. 'm sorry but more then likely you are shit out of luck on an OS upgrade Sell it, save up to buy a Nexus 7
  13. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1664893 http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=23789 It is a common issues with the Galaxy Nexus, Its not a serious problem, you phone shows the charging logo a little longer then it is suppose to. Reboot your phone. If you are rooted, attempt to reflash the phone and see if this fixes the issue.
  14. What about making a general section for the forums? Any idea on that?
  15. You may want to consider getting an older unlock Nexus One or Nexus S, they are relatively cheap and from TRUSTED manufacturers. None of this cheap chinese bullshit
  16. NO its not a google choice. https://play.google.com/store/devices?feature=corpus_selector They sell the Nexus 7, the BEST 7in tablet available and in the top 3 of best Android tablets of any size. PLus its cheaper
  17. As of right now, no. The STAR is a cheap chinese phone and your only hope is if OEM pushed a JB update. or a sad developers takes pity on the device and tries to code for it
  18. If you are still under warranty or if you got insurance then go that route. To try and modify hardware yourself is incredible risky and WILL void any chance you have for a replacement or refund
  19. Very nice post over all it has some basic information we can all learn from. It should be stated the guide part of this post is for the NEXUS ONE not for all devices. This process could brick any other device
  20. If that is the case, you will need either to root your device and install a custom ROM, or get a lock screen replacement app such as Widget Locker and see if any of those fit your needs
  21. For Android smartphones, you can buy the app once and install it on many devices. Google Play requires the use of a credit card, debit card, or carrier billing in order to buy apps but once you buy them you can use them at several devices at the time time. When you buy a new Android phone, you just need to sync that new phone with your existing Google account, search for the apps, and redownload them at no cost to you. The phones have to be Android, you can't buy Angry Birds on Android and then expect it to be free in the Apple or Windows Phone platform. The same goes the other way, if you buy a lot of Apple apps, and then get an Android phone, you can not bring those apps over with you.
  22. I had similar issues with Ubuntu and Linux Mint wanting to open it with stockwell photo manager. Instead of that i just opened its file folder from the linux equivalant of my computer Instead of opening with your photo application, open it in the files. You have to go to you the my computer directory, that one that shows your drives, and access it there.
  23. Your apps should all be fine. If they were bought from Google Play or the Amazon App Store then just log into your account on your new device, search for the app, and they remember you bought the app before and let you download it. You may have to start over with your levels but thats about it In order to save your levels is a little more complicated. The easiest method would be to root your phone, download titanium backup, backup your apps to your sd card, put the sd card in your new phone, root the new phone, download titanium backup to your new phone and then restore your apps. In a similar fashion you could get an app like file expert or androzip that also have app backup features but backing up level data is questionable at best.
  24. Did you not set up the pattern lock? If you did then just unlock the device. And follow the steps below If you didn't put it there then keep failing the pattern until it asks you to log in with your google account, that will unlock the phone then follow the steps below. If you forgot your google account password go to google.com/accounts/recovery/ to try and figure that information out To remove the pattern lock -Go in to your app drawer -Scroll down until you see Security -Inside the security menu go into lock screen - the top option should let you change lockscreen options
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