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Found 18 results

  1. Personal opinion, this is a list of Android apps that you should have on your Android device. Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of apps in Google Play, if you like any others and think they are "must-have apps", free to leave a comment below. 1. Dropbox Everyone knows what Dropbox is and if you don’t you should get it. Cloud storage for all your devices so you can access files from anywhere, on any of your devices. An extremely helpful app that is free and uses someone Else’s storage space. 2. AirDroid Transfer just about anything you can think back and forth between PC and your device over Wi-Fi with AirDroid. As well as that you can send messages, update contacts, change ringtones and control most things you would want to from your computer, all through a web-based interface. 3. SMS Backup and Restore If you are an Android User who has a rooted device and tests out new Roms regularly, but wish to keep your SMS messages on your phone, or maybe if you are just a bit of a paranoid parrot, then SMS Backup and Restore is an app for you. 4. Moborobo Don’t waste the seconds it takes to open up your browser and type in moborobo.com. Moborobo is a leading Android Smartphone Management Software that can be installed on your Windows PC. With Moborobo, the management of your Android Smartphone becomes fun and easy. Manage contact data: Sort, find, organize and backup your contact data, such as your contact list as well as your messages. You can create groups for your contacts and import/export them between your pc and your device. 5. Pocket Pocket is an Android app that allows you to save web content to view later. Saving the content within the Pocket Android App, you can view it at your leisure at any time on your Android device, or even send the list to an email to be accessible from wherever you like. 6. Google Maps Google Maps is one of the most useful apps available for Android. Plot courses, get guided towards your destination or just look for better paths. Google Maps is an excellent GPS navigation tool for Android users. 7. Wikipedia Open up your browser and type in Wikipedia.com. Open the Android app and type in your search that is sure to deliver you with the best Wikipedia results for your search terms. Provides all Wikipedia function so get it now. 8. Angry Birds(multiple incarnations) It seems like everyone in the world has or have had a go at Angry Birds. Don’t get left behind as someone who hasn’t experienced it. Plus, it’s a great time waster for those periods of utter boredom. A new version with new game mechanics is released every now and then, so the fun will never run out with Angry Birds. 9. Go Launcher EX Go Launcher EX might not be as fancy looking as some of the launchers that specialize in animations and cool effects, but I dare say it's more functional than many of them. My own reason for using it has a lot to do with the widgets, both in terms of functionality and the ability to make them look the same. Well, those are my own favour. Sure, not everyone will enjoy all of these apps.You can provide what you are interested in. Or if you like the list of apps, you can have a try!
  2. I was wondering if people could recommend funny apps. I came accross one called ProMiler that seems to be based on an article by the Onion. I do not own this app or have any affiliation with it, so I will not post a link. ProMiler can be searched for in the Google Play store. I must say I had a hilarious time fooling my friends with this. I have a bunch of runners - friends on Facebook and they all thought this was real. If anyone has anymore recommendations such as this, I'm all ears.
  3. I am desperate to free up some space on my phone. I have stopped, cleared, and removed everything I can, but I still cant remove those darn preinstalled apps that are useless to me. Any ideas?
  4. Hello, I want to play my friend's gyro compatible game from Flyshout Gyro Clay Shooter , but this phone crashes after start. Samsung S4 works good, mini - not. What's wrong? Maybe gyro sensor not works?
  5. I have tried to install any.do on my Galaxy Ace 2 from the Google Playstore, but I get an error report saying the package file is invalid. This is odd because I have installed it successfully on my Galaxy Tab. If the app was not compatible with my phone it would say so in the Playstore (?). So I located an .apk file on the web, downloaded it, transferred it to my phone and installed it. However it has not appeared in the apps list and I cannot locate it!! Any ideas please...?
  6. Hi everyone! This is my first topic here. I was searching on google for days but couldn't find anything about how to remove pre-installed, unnecessarry apps like Google+, Streams, Maps, YouTube from Ascend Y200. These apps are in the system memory, and cannot be moved to SD-card (because they are system apps). I tried to move or uninstall these with Titanium Backup, but I got an error: Failed to locate apk. That means, these apps are in a different folder from /system/app. I downloaded Root Explorer and started browsing the system files, and found the solution. ***Your phone needs to be rooted to do these steps*** ***I am not responsable for any system damage or brick. Do it carefully, and know what you are doing!*** With Root Explorer, go to /data/dataapp and look for the apps, what you want to uninstall. Match icons with filenames. Navigate to "custom" folder. I live in Europe so for me, it's /cust/normal/europe. But in USA, I think it's /cust/nomral/us or something like that. You should see these folders: app, email, lib, logo, media, ons, prop, xml (These are for me...) Now mount R/W, go to "xml" folder and backup APKInstallList.txt file. (Copy it and paste to same path. You should get an APKInstallList - Copy.txt) Open the original APKInstallList.txt in text editor. You can see there are the separated system apps' path. Delete the path lines of the apks, what you don't want to use, or you want to reinstall from Google Play. Save the file and exit. Turn off Quick Boot in Settings>Applications>Quick Boot. Reboot your phone. After reboot, you can see, the icons are still in the menu. Tap the icon to make it disappear. Now you can reinstall YouTube, Maps, Google+ from Google Play, and now they gonna be stored on SD card as user apps. You can look for other system apps in /system/app but they can be removed with Titanium Backup. Hope it worked, thank for reading! If you have any issues, report to me!! Oh, and sorry for my english. I'm from Hungary :)
  7. I have rooted my phone, and I have installed busybox, titanium back up, and Super User, and apps2SD, etc. I am running out of space and as I am not really sure what busybox does can I delete it? I read somewhere that I should have it but...... Titanium back up I dont think I need as I can save everything with the adb cmd no? And what is Super User for? I can live with out it, no?
  8. i expect free apps to come with ads, thats part of the package. but now, when i end a call i get a rogue full-screen ad straight after - more specifically and ad for "blood brothers", though i havent paid enough attention to see whether this changes. either way - not cool. i also periodically get ads appearing in the notification bar for different gambling apps, with an icon of a red star. im fairly certain ive inadvertently downloaded this annoyance with an app, but dont know which one. any tips on finding which app is the culprit without having to delete them each one by one, or reset the phone? are there any markers or bits of file names i should be looking for when going through the installed app data? any help appreciated
  9. Hi guys looking for some help from you. I am a newbie and I just created an app for google play. Its a fly action game with accelerometer involved. I just want to know how can I make my app visible to users so that they can download it. It has too little downloads and I doubt if it is at all visible to users. Its a free app so advertising it wont be a good idea. Thanks in advance, here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.in.ankainfotech.flytheplane
  10. Hi everybody :rolleyes: The point is rather simple. We believe (that is a hypothesis) that it's a big deal for the majority of Android users to understand all the possibilities and advantages that Android OS could bring to them. :blink: So it's a greate opportunity for services (mobile applications) which can operate themselves adjusting a smartphone to his owner needs. By analyxing the pattern of using the smartphone and all best users experience practices. And thereafter giving them different recomendaitions of what they could do with their phone setting in order to optimize its productivity, what application he would like above all and would be the best to work on his smartphone and so on and so forth. So what do you think about all of this. Thank you very much in advance for your feedback! B)
  11. Revmacd

    Google Currents

    Has anyone in administration here seen Google currents. I just put it on my tablet. There are a few other Android blogs and forums on there but I don't see this one. I'm not sure if I'm just missing it or this is brand new. I'd love to see Talk Android on it as this is by far the best Android site on the web.
  12. I was looking for a ruler-like app, I would like to measure lenghts with my smartphone... What can I use?
  13. Hey everyone, I want to know what apps you use on your rooted device. I just recently rooted my GSII, and flashed over a stable ICS ROM. I plan on doing an article of the must have apps for rooted devices and the ones that improve the experience. I am currently running Titanium Backups, ROM Manager, KM Launcher, and Screencaster. Let me know if you have better apps to try.
  14. It seems to me that Android forums/blogs/press focuses more on games than non-gaming apps. Does anyone else feel that way? Don't get me wrong...I LOVE GAMES. However, I do feel that all the other apps out there that do a great job showing how can tech can do good for our daily lives aren't getting their fair shake. Also, what's the deal with no one wanting to pay for Android apps?! It's reducing the number of good Android developers. Let's give our developers a little love.
  15. We just got wind of some interesting news thanks to Jack Holt. Google just announced it is changing the Android Market to Google Play. Will include a host of improvements in addition to unifying a lot of its services into one major app. Talk Android has been following it closely as you folks know already. Me personally: Not sure if I should be excited or worried... but then again, what do I know? You folks excited?
  16. Hunble bundle is a company that has a pay whst you feel like policy. This is their second package where you can pay what you deem the apps are worth. as low as one penny and get 4-5 normally paid apps cheap. if you pay above the average you get a bonus app. All of the games in this pack are worth buying and together even at $6 its a decent deal. humblebundle.com
  17. With the recent launch of Google Wallet in the US, from my understanding it's only available so far on the Google Nexus w/ ICS. Will you be able to use Google Wallet with say, the Galaxy S2 or is it a hardware restriction as well? I figured it would work via Bluetooth or WiFi but I'm not sure. I would like to be able to use it when/if it becomes available in Canada.
  18. Every now and again we see awesome apps without ever finding out what they were. So how about we make a game of it... If you know of an awesome app to share, post it here and see if anyone can guess it. Or, if you see an app you want identified,post it and see if anyone can tell you what it is. :D
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