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Found 2 results

  1. So everyone has been super stoked today for the launch of Google Chrome on Android, that is up until the point where many of you discovered that it was only available for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich. Many have cried foul at Google for not launching with support for 2.3, claiming that it was a "poor decision to only appease 1% of Android" and "they only want me to update to expensive new hardware." While ultimately we may discover that to be the truth, I believe they have ulterior motives for this action. They clearly branded the new Chrome app as BETA. Therefore it is in fact meant to be an initial trial run of it on a large group of devices. I think that limiting the app to ICS is an ingenious means of limiting the BETA participants. Google wants Chrome on Android to be a success. They don't want a hiccup to ruin the experience for 60% of their market only to lose those customers forever. What's more, Google realizes that the only devices out there legitimately running ICS are geared toward developers, people more inclined to generate useful feedback. Although 1% may seem trivial, in reality it makes up a pretty large test group. Then of course, there's the hype generated from not being able to get it now and the relief that comes later. For those of you trapped on 2.3 and below, I know, it sucks, but I bet Chrome for you is waiting in the wings. After all Chrome showed up for 4.0 users today without any warning. It just makes sense to me that they would launch a beta in this fashion, so please, have patience, you haven't been forgotten.
  2. Hey guys, I made a video guide for the site about how to get the Android Chrome browser to work on custom ICS ROMs. The most recent Chrome update broke compatibility for some reason but you can fix that by making sure your build.id and display.id read IML74K. If they say anything else Chrome will not work. Also this will not work on any other ROM other than Android 4.0+. Check out the video for full instructions and let me know if it worked and with what ROM you are running. Thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkHeXJ5y84o
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