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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, For some reason, while sitting at Home, my GPS Location is Fixed at a location about 10-15 Meters away, in the middle of the street. Strangely this only happened since a few days ago. It takes me about 30-40 Meters Distance to that point until my GPS reacts and behaves normally. I didn't change any settings that should have caused this behavior. I'm using a ZTE Blade V7 Lite (Android 6) This strange behavior occurs whit any GPS related app, be it Google maps, or any other Map, or apps like Ingress or Pkm-Go I tried disabling WLAN, Bluetooth deleting my location history(and disabling it) Other in my vicinity(even those living in the same house using the same network) do not have this problem Any idea how to get my actual location back?
  2. DK57

    GPS & Location

    On my S4, I have been maintaining my GPS on demand, unfortunately I activated 'Google location' - while fumbling without my glasses - and now the GPS icon has been replaced with the Google location icon. On opening 'Google Map', I am asked to switch on Location access now instead of GPS, but I have not agreed to license agreement and do not know what to d next to remove it. I do not want Google location to be active and allow apps to use my location by default. I would rather switch on GPS when required for maps primarily. How do I reverse this and get back the original GPS icon and control?
  3. Hi please excuse me if I haven't done this properly as im new to forums. I am looking for the best gps tracker either free or paid for to put on my teenage sons phone. The problem is he keeps going missing and we have to contact the police and report him as a missing person all the time. It would make life a lot easier if we could track his location to inform the police what area he is in. The running app would need to be hidden because he would find it and shut it down. Can anyone help. A worried father.
  4. Hi, i want to buy this tablet: Its called Vimicro Android 4.0 Tablet PC 7.0 Inch with GPS. Its pretty hard to find any information on this tablet, so maybe someone of you can help me identify it, if there are other tablets that have the same core or are the same with different label. All the information i have are the specs and that its called "v708" on aliexpress, but this does not help a lot. Specs: Tablet Data Capacity:8GB Screen Size:7" Battery Life:4hours Processor Manufacture:Vimicro Touch Screen Type:Capacitive Screen Processor Main Frequency:1GHZ Memory Capacity:1GB Feature:Wifi,GPS,Webcams,Multi Touch,HDMI,G Sensor,Camera Operating System:Android 4.0 Display resolution:800x480 Weight:330 g Model Number:V708 Processor Model:VC882 ARM Cortex A8 CPU:Vimicro VC882 ARM Cortex A8 1GHZ processor OS:Android 4.0.3 Memory:DDR3 1GB Camera:Built-in front camera HDMI PORT:1 GPS:Build in LCD:TFT 7'' Capacitive 5 Point Touch Screen 800*480 pixels 2.0USB Port*:1 Does anyone have this tablet and/or can tell me if there are any other tablets that are the same where i can find some reviews or information on the tablet? I want to use it for a journey to asia, so i dont want to bring something expensive in case i lose it.
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