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Found 7 results

  1. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLO. I've recently discovered last thursday that the newest version of the Samsung galaxy S series is coming out in mid to late April, and I've been using a galaxy nexus (of course) that I rooted for a pretty long while now, and am wondering if I should upgrade to a S4 when it comes out in a month, or stick to my older, 2 year old galaxy nexus instead, I've seen a ton of people with S3's and they seem reeeally cool and impressive and I would think that an S4 with all its amazing new features (like a 13 MP camera and wireless charging, and all the others) would be even better ... so yeah, What do ya think? I've been stuck wondering about it for a while and just wanted to ask a few people who knew what they were talkin about ... Thanks!
  2. Hi .... I am new to android.....and I recently bought the unlocked Samsung galaxy nexus which is currently running android version 4.0.4. I tried doing the update thing in "about phone" many times but it always shows system up to date. I purchased the phone in Dubai. How do I do the update?....plz help me.
  3. So, I've read some reviews and did some research on forums about GNex and looks like it will be the next pick, because it's a Google phone and after using Nexus S for 2 years and getting all major updates on it, Google phone it is. The only issue I had with Nexus S was the battery life and I never solved it, because I heard many bad things about extended batteries and such. For Nexus S I found a 3900mAh battery but never risked to buy it, but If I go for Galaxy Nexus, I'm afraid I will be getting even worse battery life than on Nexus S, so in this case I'm considering to get a 4000mAh battery from Mugen Power. I found this review about it http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1572775 and wonder if anyone here also used it. Please let me know, maybe we could do a test thread here.
  4. GNex with blacked out Nexus Live Wallpaper. Sans dock and status bar - Simplicity to the max
  5. Wallpaper can be found here. Using Desktop Visualizer to use custom icons in place of stock icons on stock ICS launcher. Icons are available here.
  6. GNex running CND 1.3.3 and the Trinity kernel. Beat that B)
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