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Found 5 results

  1. Motorola has just confirmed many of it's devices will be getting that coveted Android 4.0 software. While some doubted the Atrix 4G would get ICS, I stood by confidently and stressed many times that the OG Atrix would get the big update--- after all it's still one of the faster phones on the market, has the Tegra 2 dual-core chip which is almost built for some of ICS's advanced features such as hardware acceleration and of course, indirectly has Google's "direct" backing now. As you all know, the Atrix is one of most MOTO devices featuring the MOTOBLUR custom user interface enhancement. It's not my favorite UI, but it's something I have to deal with as an owner of the device--- whether I like it or not. Motorola has stressed the update would come in Q3 so we have a few things to expect. Motorola owners remember very well that the much-anticipated Gingerbread 2.3 update came in Q3 of 2011--- so we can expect the update to arrive by the end of June at the earliest or in the middle of July at the latest. Also, there are a select group of Atrix 4G owners who are part of the soak testing program--- that is they beta test software normally week in advance before Motorola unveils the final update to the masses. Motorola will have to tweak the basic Android 4.0 code, slap on the MOTOBLUR UI skin on top, get certifications from AT&T, have the soak testers test the software in order to ensure any possible bugs are cleaned up before the final update is unveiled to the masses. It's my understanding that Android 4.0 will GREATLY enhance the overall performance of the Atrix 4G. As owners know all too well, the MOTOBLUR UI from Froyo and now Gingerbread is sluggish to say the least. The software is painfully choppy and clearly not optimized for the powerhouse of the device. Of course a lot of owners threw on a launcher skin such as Launcherpro or ADW and noticed the UI is smooth and fluid like butter. Android 4.0 with the MOTOBLUR UI won't be fluid as some launchers out there, but you can expect the newest iteration of Android to take FAR less resources and also take advantage of the hardware acceleration, which will help with transitioning from screen to screen or scrolling up and down. If you're an Atrix 4G owner, what do you think? I'm just throwing in my two cents, but I am VERY excited about this. Now there's no need for us to throw on a ROM or prematurely upgrade our phones. :-P Roy
  2. I bought this new phone which has ICS on it. It's the raw version of ICS without any changes. Everything is good except for the fact that the search in the contact has become very slow since the time I have added my corporate mail through exchange. If I look for any name, it starts searching the name in my exchange mail contact list as well and displays the result with the exchange contact details also if there is any. This makes it mandatory for me to be connected to the net if I have to search within the contact list. I have disabled synching of mail for exchange contact list and I have removed Mail for Exchange from the Display list of the contact tab too. It still searches in my corporate account and if there is name, it displays the details too include VoIP number, email ID etc. Is there anyway I can restrict the search to the entries in the internal phone memory only ?
  3. Hi, I've HTC Incredible S phone. It was working absolutly fine on Gingerbread but after upgrading it to ICS 4.04 It is having a problem of week network signals where it used to get strong network signal. So the problem is in 3G data. Though it shows 3G signals are coming but no internet access. I've done the factory reset as well but still issue persists. I had done the factory reset with sim in it and now after that it is not accepting any other service provider sim card. Any solution for it. Is it a known issue in HTC Incredible S after this upgrade? If yes then what is the solution? Regards, Vikas
  4. I got a Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH-1717D) running on ICS 4.0.4. I have been looking to replace the stock call interface, and more specifically the logs with something a bit more customizable. Somehow I have been searching for this and can't seem to find anywhere. Is there something in Android that prevents using something else than the stock phone interface? My main beef is with the call logs, which lists all calls and texts per event rather than grouping them by contacts. I don't need to go through pages of text items from the same friend to finally find the missed call I got a month ago. "Settings/view by" doesn't really help. I'm very happy to have taken my iPhone strait jacket off a few months ago, but I have to admit that the iPhone call log interface is more effective. Any suggestion?? Anything that would require to root the phone, etc is out of the question for me at this point. Thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys, I made a video guide for the site about how to get the Android Chrome browser to work on custom ICS ROMs. The most recent Chrome update broke compatibility for some reason but you can fix that by making sure your build.id and display.id read IML74K. If they say anything else Chrome will not work. Also this will not work on any other ROM other than Android 4.0+. Check out the video for full instructions and let me know if it worked and with what ROM you are running. Thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkHeXJ5y84o
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