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Found 4 results

  1. Let's talk a little bit about rooting and ROMs. I know we have a thread that is essentially a ROM list but no real discussion thread for attempts we've made to root our devices, ROMs we've installed, any problems we've encountered and so on. for starters I'd love to know what motivates other people to want to root their phones and tablets. I know why I do it. I assume it is the same reason for everyone. Freedom to control our own devices and to get rid of bloatware and other unwanted programs. Who knows though? You might have some specific reason outside that ideal. What made you want to do it? How did you go about it and how successful were you? Did the warranty issues bother you or did you plow ahead balls out? I recently rooted and made a dual boot out of my father's HP Touchpad. I left the Web OS because no version of ICS I could find could control the camera on the Touchpad. He wanted the full Google Market but didn't want to lost the camera function so now if he wants he can boot into Web OS still to use the camera. Not bad for 99 bucks. I also rooted my Samsung Epic... twice. I had a hardware problem on the first one and the insurer sent me another. So then I rooted the second one. I now have a gorgeous version of ICS on the phone. I would love to discuss the process but before I do perhaps a mod could weigh in with what is considered spam on these boards. I used other sites and some excellent youtube vids that walked me through the process but I don't want to start name dropping unless it's cool to do that. Anyway, what have you rooted? What's your ROM? What's your ROM manager or installer? Talk root to me.
  2. Pulling my hair out on this one! I'm building a custom telephony application that MUST maintain focus on incoming calls. I am guessing that this will require some sort of custom ROM build or kernel tinkering. argh! At the very least a lot more than simply accessing the TelephonyManager class in the SDK. Can any android gurus point me in the right direction?
  3. From my understanding the ROM I would flash through clockwork mod recovery is just the operating system including the kernel and all of the applications. I see it like the windows installation disk, but in android form, correct me if I'm wrong. How would a phone be hardbricked through a ROM if it's just the operating system? Wouldn't you need to have an unsuccessful change to the bootloader or recovery partion to hardbrick? Like if windows messes up, I can still fix it as long as the bios is fine and I have an installation disk. Maybe I'm totally wrong on this but I don't know. I successfuly unlocked the bootloader today, it was pretty sketchy and I soft bricked a time or two (as expected) but it worked out. I'll probably just wait for my friend who excells at things like this to help me install CWM and CM7 on my atrix 4g.
  4. With as many ROM's that are out for there this beast, I am curious which ones you have tried and which are your favorites. So far I'm digging Codename Android but I'm looking to try something new. What do you guys think?
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