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Found 3 results

  1. I am enforced an encryption on my Samsung Galaxy from the Company I work for. I also need to encrypt the sd card. Now my problem: I had an S4 encrypted, got a new phone, backed the old one up and was ignorant enough to just move the sd card to my new phone, the S5. I couldn't read the encrypted sd card, just see all file names. Chkdsk says the card is fine. So no problem, could just move it back to the S4 and start manually to copy? Well, here I made the terrible mistake to stop syncing emails with work on the old phone. My idea was to remove encryption on phone and sd card, then just move the unencrypted sd card. Well, during the removal of encryption something went wrong, my phone didn't get the encryption removed and denied all my passwords. Thus factory reset by default and now I have an encrypted sd card with data I want! This is quite ridiculous, since there seems to be no way to solve the problem? But say if I had an encrypted phone, dropped it on the floor and needed to send it off to service. Standard procedure is to fix the phone and do a factory reset by default. This means that if my problem has no solution everyone out there using encryption can't rely on their sd card as important storage. It just takes a kid entering the wrong code several times, a smashed display or something that demands service and your sd card data is gone! The Samsung Kies software for backups doesn't backup my sd card data, so I have to do it manually nowadays. So my question, is there a way to read the data on my encrypted sd card? I tried restoring the backuped data on my old unit and then encrypt it and try to read the sd card with no success.
  2. I have a Motorola Razr M, and a micro SD card with the adapter so it can be used as a full size card. What I'm looking to do is fill this card with music so I can use my phone for music without worrying about data limits and such. Should I just insert the SD card into my computer and fill it with the music I want? Also if so, then is there a specific way that it needs to be formatted (folders vs. one big pile of mp3s on the card)? Aaaand, what music program do you recommend? I'd prefer free, but if there's one that's reasonably priced and is remarkable, then I'd certainly consider buying it. Once I get the app, how do I load the music into it so I can start listening? Thanks, and sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything promising.
  3. I recently got a new phone (upgraded from LG Vortex to Droid Razr M). I used the same SD card I had or the LG phone. I needed to turn my phone off earlier today, and after turning it back on my gallery pictures that were on my SD card were gone. All of my downloaded pictures from messages were still there, but none of the pictures I took with the "camera" of my old phone were there. They were there before I tuned my phone off though. I tried turning my phone off/on again to see if that would fix the problem, and now all of my pictures on my SD card are gone. I also tried unmounting/mounting the SD card but that did not work.
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