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Found 5 results

  1. NEWS SOURCE : http://www.smartphonestutorials.com/latest-android-4-4-4-wi-fi-calling-enhancements-finally-rolled-t-mobiles-samsung-galaxy-s4/ Yesterday I informed you about the appearance of the latest Android 4.4.4 update on Verizon version of Samsung Galaxy S5, now it’s out on T-mobile’s version of Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. It seems that different carriers in U.S. have chosen nearly the same period of time to launch the update of latest Android 4.4.4 on the numerous flagships of Samsung Galaxy. We got the hands on this latest information from the support page of T-mobile website. According to the support page of T-mobile, the build number for this carrier is M919UVUFNH7, with a size of 403 MB. This latest Android update will has brought with it, the enhancements in the Wi-Fi calling and audio improvements along with the security and bug fixes which are the distinguishing features of Android 4.4.4. Well as you are already aware of the drill for grabbing this latest update you can either chose to wait for OTA to show up automatically on your phone or you can also make an attempt to make it appear through the Settings » About phone » Software updates menu. For downloading an update, you need to have a strong internet connection or Wi-Fi connection along with at least 50% of the charged battery. For those who have already received the Android 4.4.4 update on their T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S4, share how it is performing and working for the enlightenment of others in the comments.
  2. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLO. I've recently discovered last thursday that the newest version of the Samsung galaxy S series is coming out in mid to late April, and I've been using a galaxy nexus (of course) that I rooted for a pretty long while now, and am wondering if I should upgrade to a S4 when it comes out in a month, or stick to my older, 2 year old galaxy nexus instead, I've seen a ton of people with S3's and they seem reeeally cool and impressive and I would think that an S4 with all its amazing new features (like a 13 MP camera and wireless charging, and all the others) would be even better ... so yeah, What do ya think? I've been stuck wondering about it for a while and just wanted to ask a few people who knew what they were talkin about ... Thanks!
  3. Rumors suggests that Google may release Android 4.4.3 KitKat update for several devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M8, Moto G and others in April. News Source What is exacted to be fixed with this update Random restarts camera issues DSP errors security issues Bluetooth issues Android 4.4.3 is already rolling out to Nexus 5 users on Sprint.
  4. Before some days we heard a news that Android 4.4.2 had started rolling out for variants of the Galaxy S4 in South Korea, also i shared a news on xda that The release date of Android 4.4 KitKat update for Samsung galaxy s4 was expected on February 13, 2014. However, if you no longer want to wait for 4.4.2 or are on a previous test build of Android KitKat, you now have the option to download the latest test firmware, I9505XXUFNAD. How to update
  5. I have a Galaxy S4 on Verizon. I was wondering if anyone had any details as to when Samusng Knox will be available for it, as I thought it was going to launch with the phone. I'd REALLY like to use this at my job. Any info would be great. So far all I can find is that it was delayed "until a later date." Thanks guys!
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