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Found 1 result

  1. It would seem this news is about six weeks old but I have not seen it discussed much. It seems the Raspberri Pi has had ported to it. In the past a rather buggy version of Gingerbread was ported to the tiny but powerful little computer, which is used mainly by hobbyists or as a Python learning tool, but looks like endless hours of fun to play with. I admit I haven't even laid hands on a Raspberry Pi as of yet. Mine is on order and is scheduled to be delivered next Monday. I've chatted up more than a few fellow Linux enthusiasts about the device and they all love theirs. The idea that they would port my (tied for) number one Linux OS in the form of Android on the device makes me all twitchy with anticipation. The possibilities are... well limited given the 256 RAM the RPi is sporting but still, the ideas about the things you could do with it are a ton of fun. The RPi I have on order is coming with an SD card sporting a version of straight up Debian Linux, that has been modified and ported to the SD card, which acts as the home for the operating system on the device. The ported version is officially known as "Raspian" Linux. In anticipation I have put together a Debian Linux virtual machine in VirtualBox to begin getting used to the feel of it. Having used my beloved Ubuntu for so many years now, which is built over Debian, much of the user commands and even a lot of the software repositories are the same, so it seems so far the learning curve hasn't been too steep. I'm getting off track though. My excitement is that it will be able to not only run ICS, by one of my favorite flavors of ICS in CyanogenMod 9. I mean honestly, the CyanogenMod guys are the kings of Android os these days, are they not? I want to try to use my RPi with CM 9 to be able to stream my Netflix app to any television in any hotel when I travel. If the hotel doesn't have wifi you can always use your phone's hot spot. What I can't do is hook an HDMI cable (or rgb for that matter) to my phone so it will play over a TV and while my Galaxy S III gets great picture quality when streaming video, watching a two hour movie on a little screen isn't as much fun as a full size television. Anyone else own an RPi? Any ideas on interesting things you could use a small, lightweight device like this for?
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