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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I'm new to the forum. Recently, I installed Clean Master on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, hoping I could release some space on my device. My hard won victory dance was truncated when I later discovered I had earned a few gigabytes at the cost of all my memos, some of which contained plot details for my new book. I am distraught, to say the least. I had no backup, and the recovery software do not seem to be of any help. I was happy, though, to realize that my Samsung account had synced my memo files, but I am not sure how to access them. Help.
  2. I have a HTC Desire S, not rooted. A lot of customizations, personal dictionaries, apps, pictures etc. Let's say I lose the phone, or it gets stolen, or it breaks down whatever. How can I get EVERYTHING back on a new device? By everything I mean I log in with my Google account to the new device, I run some backup utility and all the apps and their settings, pictures, home shortcuts, videos etc are back like the old device. Is this possible? I read plentys of post but I did not find a viable solution So far I have different tools in place: - Dropbox saves my pictures automatically to the cloud - SugarSync syncs some of my folders to the cloud, so I can get that content back. Many apps allow me to backup their settings to SD, some of them offer auto schedule backup - Google backs up my mails, contacts, calendar etc so that is not a problem Not sure if I will get everything back this way though..and what does the "Backup and Restore" function, under "Privacy", do? I got my phone back from a repair and I had to re-install all my apps manually moreover all the settings were gone... Many suggest Titanium backup, but I can't be bothered to root my phone...other mybackup pro (and send the backup to the cloud) Right now I am about to try Sandisk memory zone which lets me backup my whole SD and the internal memory to the cloud (Box for example, where I have 50GB available)... What are your suggestions? What is the best approach to have a sort of iTunes backup function like in iOS? Thanks
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