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Found 4 results

  1. I keep hearing from users that they are having problems with the battery life, it keeps draining faster and faster. So, I have came up with some reasons and tips which makes your device batter going crazy. Do you know you can save your battery by changing settings ? Do you know most of the power is consumed by because of the background apps? Regularly updating your apps can make difference. Avoid using apps which consumes most of the power. Read more at: What drains your Smartphone battery ?
  2. I have to say that battery with increase capacity is latterly day and night much better than stock one. I was overall impressed by MPJ quality and communication. On stock because of the heavy way I use my Galaxy S4 I had to get an extended life battery...I have a lot accounts syncing, and I am always checking stuff, browsing the website, using GPS and YouTube videos. Usually my average use last 12-15 hours. My friend on the other hand gets almost one and half days out of his stock battery, so every user is different. But surely 15 hours for me still isnt good enough, because sometimes my days are longer than that when Im working.. So I really needed to get an extended life battery... and last month I got this MPJ extended battery for my birthday! And now I also got a whole day even though under heavy usage and even a little longer after calibration. I aslo download the Android App “Battery Left” to see accurate battery life readings for the new extended battery, and I am glad to find out these great diferences.
  3. Hello everyone! I own this phone for some year and a half. In a first couple of months, I was really pleased with it. However, some problems appeared then. A couple of months ago I noticed that battery started to drain a lot faster than usual and the phone became slower. Killing tasks wasn`t much helpful, neither automatic, nor manual. At that point, I did have a third-party interface, as well as some third-party applications for SMS and so on. That was also problematic, because, for example GO SMS PRO wasn`t able to deliver me a message on time. Also, it appeared that I was unavaiable when the phone was actually on. Because de-installing of those apps wasn`t helpful neither, I decided to perform a factory reset. At first, it did have some effect. However, after some time, the problems re-appeared. After only a month, I did another factory reset, and at this time, I decided to limit the phone to factory defaults only. The fast drainage continued, it became even slower, and- got a parallel life. It started changing screens automatically, launching apps, even using a keyboard. It seems that some invisible finger is on the screen all the time. At first, I thought that it has something to do with the cold weather (because it happened mostly outside), but recently it happened also on the room temperature. At the same time, it seems that some sensors on the touchscreen are virtually dead- I cannot use some buttons on the keyboard and so on. Rotating is sometimes helpful, but not always. As far as I understood, the failiure has something to do with the hardware. But, before I take it to the service, I would like to know what it might be. Thanks in advance!
  4. has anybody noticed that the battery is draining quicker with the new update? my battery would last a full day at work even with some texting and browsing. now by lunchtime I need to charge my battery.
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