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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all! I'm an interested person in emdbedded systems. Nowadays, I'm trying to learn Android. However I've stucked in my first try. I was working on a test project about processing video to detect motion (I'm also interested in image processing projects). In the middle of searching types of platforms, I've discovered very-mini and powerful android PC's. I've bought an OEM Android tablet pc without integrated camera. And my problem started. I'm trying to connect a USB web cam to my Android PC. It has ICS on it and supports USB Host mode. When I conenct my pendrives it automatically recognizes and I can surf in my folders using my tablet. However it did not recognize my webcam. I've made a kind of search in google and I found something called "V4L" or "V4L2". I think this is the driver that I need. However I have no idea about integrating drivers to kernel or compiling a new kernel or how to flash my tablets nand memory. I've found this link but I couldn't install the driver. Because I do not know how to integrate it. http://brain.cc.kogakuin.ac.jp/research/usb-e.html Waiting for your replies. Where should I start, what should I search and where should I start to search? Thank you very much.
  2. If you have concerned about the news on latest smartphones, HTC One must impress you, which will be launched in March. The HTC One is said officially to own an iPhone-similar appearance, the awesome technical specs that can compete with Nexus 4, and the highlight is the awesome UltraPixel camera .As we know, the popular camera is 13MP,but the UltraPixa camera is only 4 MP. So what is really an UltraPixal? Let’s explore it. Misconceptions: Higher Megapixels, Higher quality When customers seem to believe higher Megapixels produce higher quality, but in fact, Megapixels don't affect photo quality as much as the average consumer believes. And other factors including lighting, sensor quality, and image processing software play a critical role in determining photo quality in today’s world. At this time, UltraPixel is as a way for HTC to change the common sense of people and prove that a 4 megapixel lens can beat cameras with MP ratings that are twice as high. Capture more light and data When a camera takes a photograph, its sensor groups millions of pixels together to form an image. And the more light the camera can capture, the better photos can be taken. Before manufacturers try to make the camera get more light with higher megapixels. But the UltraPixel sensor of HTC One tries to raise the size of individual pixels rather than raise the pixel count via larger pixel sizes, that means, a pixel take up more space that can capture more light and information, as much as three times more, according to HTC -than the typical smartphone. Besides, the sensor size is equivalent to the sensor size found on other 8MP or 13MP smartphone cameras. HTC also emphasized that the UltraPixel camera do better in low-light conditions and shutter speeds than other smartphones. But what is this “UltraPixel” anyway? We know, both Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC One use a 1/3-inch (0.85-cm) sensor. Nokia has given 8.7 MP on the sensor, while HTC has deployed only 4.3 MP. So,the size of an individual pixel on Lumia 920′s camera sensor is 1.4 µm, while the size of the same pixel on One’s sensor is 2.0 µm. That is what HTC so passionately refers to as an “UltraPixel”. UltraPixel is Trends on Smarphone? When HTC One has firstly introduced the new UltraPixel concept, people may be confused about it, but when it is used by customer and proved to be better than the traditional, so will it be the trends on smartphones? I think it should well be the case. But don’t worry, just wait, time is the best witness. Source: An UltraPixel? What is Exactly it Introduced by HTC One?
  3. Hello: I'm using Android Virtual Device Manager with an AVD Android 4.2 installed. The AVD configuration is like Whenever I clicked on the app Camera, I got the following error message I tried various solutions. I was thinking Menu->Manage apps->All tab->Camera->Clear data should be able to solve the problem, but failed as well. The only thing now I can think of is whether I need to change armeabi-v7a to armeabi or not? Should I use armeabi specifically for the emulator, rather than the real phones? Please give me a hint. Cheers Pei
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