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Found 3 results

  1. PhoneBook Application that allows you to contact the person in an instant. Just a touch, and you're done! Key Features and Benefits: Allows Insert, List, Find, Change, Remove, Clear Book. In search may search by Name, Email, Telephone or where the results are instantaneous. Allows you to insert picture in the contact [****** IMPORTANT ******] DPI Application: 240 No need for internet connection Application Link: https://play.google....5kYS5saXRlIl 0. MP3 Player Application to play MP3 files on your SmartPhone automatically. Main funcionalides and Benefits: - Simple design and easy interactivity. - Select Multiple files at once to the Playlist without duplicating the same song (if names are equal and are in the same way). - Allows you to Play, Stop, Pause, Forward / Back on the Trail, go to previous / Next. - Lets you know the information of Music (Track, Album, Artist, Music Name, Year, Total Time, Total Ski) - Lets you remove a song individually. - Allows Clear all PlayList [****** IMPORTANT ******] DPI Application: 240 - No need internet connection Application Link: https://play.google....m1wMy5tb2IiXQ..
  2. Hi all, How to move a particular contact from Phone or SIM to SD Card programmatically by Android ? Please help me to do this. Thank you
  3. I recently moved my business mail etc from Google Apps to Office365 (only because Outlook works much better with the latter). I have added my Office365 account and it has synced email, contacts etc perfectly. The problem is that when I want to add a contact, the Exchange/Corporate account linked to Office365 does not show as an option, only Google and Phone do. Any ideas how to fix this?
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