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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have a Droid Bionic and I would like to know the location of files that I've downloaded as attachments from the Gmail app. I understand that there is a 3rd party app that will allow you to change the download location, but I'm not interested in that currently. I would like to simply find the file that I just downloaded. It seems like that should be simple. I've tried the following locations: SD card/downloads SD card/download Device Storage/downloads Device Storage/download None of these locations contain the file that i just downloaded. Thanks for any help!
  2. So I downloaded some pdfs and a flv file from a computer to the Nexus through a USB cable. The "send to" said Nexus 7. But then I couldn't find it, and it wasn't under downloads? Later I did find the files, but ONLY through my Moon+ reader...even then it was just through clicking around "local files", the pdfs hadn't shown up on my Moon bookshelf. Even the FLV file(from Youtube) showed up, though obviously I can't get it to play. Where should I have looked for these? I don't think I need to look to Moon+ to find my USB downloaded files, especially non-book files, and especially since I may switch from Moon+. So..uh..how do I find these assorted files in the future? Also, as a secondary thing...Moon+ gave me a message saying it doesn't do PDF because I don't have the Pro version...but then in my files I found a red icon that said "pdf reader"...what was that reader a part of, originally?
  3. I'm looking for an application/service that will allow me to download music to my Samsung Galaxy Mini. I have three demands. 1. It should not involve a PC or a USB cable, or any external device. Music should download directly to the phone, via 3G net or home WiFi. 2. It should be pay per song, not a monthly subscription. 3. It should not be iTunes ( I want the musicians to receive what's due, but I hate the idea of paying 30% to the Apple shareholders) Is there any such App or service provided? regards Slowpoke
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