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Found 14 results

  1. Help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance for your time. My situation: I have no custom mods, apps, et cetera. I am stuck in a boot loop. I entered recovery mode, cleared the cache, but did not do a factory reset. I get the "OMAP4440 Device Unplugged" error message. As well, I have spoken to a few techies, and have essentially be told that this error happens with the S3, and that there is nothing I can do. What I want: to retrieve my data files, media files, pictures, app data, app file, et cetera.
  2. I have root access on my Samsung Galaxy S5. I have used Titanium Backup to remove bloatware and I have used Xposed framework to install various mods and tweaks. Two hours ago, I noticed that my phone was in Odin Mode and is downloading something. Is it the OTA update for Android Kitkat 4.4.4? My carrier is Sprint, it's still in Odin Mode and I'm not sure what's taking so long. Description: " ODIN MODE PRODUCT NAME: SM-G900P CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official SYSTEM STATUS: Official KNOX WARRANT VOID: 0x0 QUALCOMM SECUREBOOT: ENABLE (CSB) AP SWREV: S1, T1, A1, P1 UDC START Downloading... Do not turn off target!! "
  3. Hi, Recently brought a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini off Ebay and am having an issue. The phone came with an app on it which was in Chinese/Japanese but the rest of the phone was in English. The phone seems genuine however after a factory reset, whenever I download something off the Play-store, once the item has downloaded a notification will pop up in Chinese/Japanese. I currently don't have a SIM in the phone, could this be the issue or would that not make a difference? Does anyone know how I can fix this? - Attached a picture of the notifications thing - Sorry for quality
  4. I have a Galaxy S4 on Verizon. I was wondering if anyone had any details as to when Samusng Knox will be available for it, as I thought it was going to launch with the phone. I'd REALLY like to use this at my job. Any info would be great. So far all I can find is that it was delayed "until a later date." Thanks guys!
  5. Hi there, my first post here. :) I am in need of some help with my SII Skyrocket. I recently replaced the battery as it went from 92% charge to 7% in about 15 seconds, and could not hold any charge. Right from this moment, even before replacing the battery but after the battery had the problem, I am having an issue with the screen. Check this video on Youtube so that you can understand it: The phone is constantly making that sound, as if it is being connected to a charger/usb cable. When this is happening, the screen turns unresponsive to long-presses, and has issues to recognize regular touch features. I have noticed that this does not happen so often when it has almost full charge (maybe 90% or more), but still happens. When the phone is plugged to the charger, the issue ussualy dissappears after a few minutes. I have restored the phone's software, but the problem persists. If anyone had this problem or has any idea what could be causing it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :D
  6. Hello I am in desperate need of help as I really need the phone in the next week. I am sure most of you are familiar with this problem, I'm not the first one, neither the last one to experience it. I am just going to say what happened, just in case. Okay, well it was working perfectly fine until today, about 3pm; I had done nothing wrong. I have downloaded the new game Dungeon Hunter 4 or something like that and then played it for about 10 minutes give or take. Then I killed the application and didn't touch my phone for about half an hour. I was about to check the time and weather when I realized that my phone was stuck in this weird state which usually appears when you turn on your phone; with the Galaxy S3 screen logo. I could not turn it of so my first instinct was to pull out the battery, so I did. I tried to turn on the phone but it got stuck at the same point. Then I said to myself maybe it was the battery was not charged enough so I plugged in the cable. It opened to the battery screen which usually loads for a few seconds and then stars charging but this time it didn't; it was stuck in the loading mode. I started to google it and see what causes this and how to solve it. I have tried most of the things but it seems as if all odds are against me. The home+vol-up+power wouldn't get me into recovery mode and it would only turn on the phone to the logo thingy. The home+vol-down+power would take me into download mode or whatever; so I tried Kies. It didn't work because at the end of the processing bit it would give me a message saying that the device was not recognized or something like that; therefore it would guide me through some other steps that I couldn't perform because I couldn't turn on the phone. What is there left to do as I don't have any ideas left and I don't want to mess up the phone somehow; it is not rooted or anything, I had the original firmware on it. Thank you.
  7. Hey everyone, This is my first post on this forum. I felt i needed to put my experience out here to to see if anyone could give me a answer to my problems. I have a Galaxy s2 on Movistar (a Spanish provider) When i first got my phone i rooted it after a few weeks of having it, in a attempt to unlock my phone using a free app as i was going abroad. It wasn't successful. A few months later coming back from my trip abroad i updated my phone to 4.0.3. Now going abroad again i needed to get my phone unlocked and visited a shop today that was recommended to me by a friend. after having some trouble updating my phone to ICS 4.0.3 i got paranoid and noted down all the information for that phone, Just in case i needed them. so in the shop the guy takes my phone and goes into the back room and tells me it will take 10mins. He comes back 5mins later and tells me he needs to roll back the firmware to 2.3.6 but reassures me that he will upgrade it to 4.0.3 once it is unlocked, Ok i agree and let him do what he needs to do. 30 mins later he comes out and tells me my phone doesnt have enough battery to upgrade it to 4.0.3 but claims that it is now unlocked. Luckily my father was on hand with his Galaxy S2 and offers me his battery. (now 40mins into the process i wasn't about to walk away with a half assed job) So we waited and a hour later he walks about and tells me that my phone wont accept the update for 4.0.3 and that he is downloading the firmware to flash it to 4.0.3. He told me to come back after lunch and he will upgrade it if i want him too. I told him it was ok and i was happy with 2.3.6 as long as my phone works. Now home and tested my new unlocked phone with various sim cards i was happy with the result. Untill a few moment ago i attempt to connect it to my pc to transfer the data i lost during the flashing and unlocking process. my pc wont recognize the device. Here are my before and after notes that i took down. BEFORE Model Number: GT-I9100 Android Version: 4.0.3 Basband Version: I9100BGLP2 Kernel Version: 3.0.15-I9100BGLP8-CL317471 [email protected]#3 Build Number: IML74K.BGLP8 Version; PDA:I9100BGLP8 Phone: I9100BGLP2 CSC: 19100XECLP5 H/W Version: Rev1.5 AFTER Model Number: GT-I9100 Android Version: 2.3.6 Baseband Version: I9100BVKL1 Kernel Version: [email protected]#2 Build Number: GINDERBREAD.BVKL1 Version; PDA: I9100BVKL1 Phone: I9100BVKL1 CSC: I9100IDEKL1 H/W Version: Rev1.4 The firmware installed is nothing like my previous version of GB as it is now the Orange (the service provider) version of the firmware. The only real problem i am having is with connecting it to my computer. I was also wondering if anyone could offer me up a solution for getting it flashed back to my old firmware... Now that the phone is unlocked can i flash it to whatever my hearts content ? Does anybody know how the unlocking processes works? Thanks for your time reading. -Jake
  8. Hello, I've just got my first Android device, a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and have been trying to install some apps with it, mainly to do with chat (Skype, Y! Messenger, Google Video), so I'll go one-by-one: Skype: I've successfully installed Skype on the device, but while voice chat works perfect, Video calls are not working - On the Duos, I don't see any option to make a video call, while on the PC version I can select the video call to make a video call to the Duos. However, even though a video call is placed to the Duos, there's no video anywhere. Yahoo Messenger: I've installed the base app onto the Duos, but when I go around trying to install the Video/Voice plugin, it says the bersion is not compatible with my device (surprisingly, the Yahoo Messenger app Requires Android 2.0.1 and up which the Y Duos meets Google Video/Voice: Pretty much similar to the Skype situation. Also, here there's an added issue: if a call is placed from the PC to the Duos, accepting the call on the Duos doesn't actually connect the call (the person on the PC still hears the ringing sound). Am I to do any additional settings somewhere to get these things working or what's happening? Any help on this would be highly appreciated.
  9. I'd like to use my Galaxy Note I to record videos of my favorite bands. I tried it for the first time not long ago and discovered that there is no audio input leveling so I get great video but the associated audio is a distorted mess (the venues are loud). My friends iPhone 4 did a great job of leveling the sound input and captured a pretty decent video despite a harsh environment. If there are settings I'm unaware of for the Note - or any Android apps that do the trick - please let me know! Surely I'm not the only one with this issue? Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer!
  10. Hi all, I've just picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as my new phone. I've done a video unboxing and a review of it so far :o) Please leave any comments you feel relivent :o) Video: Best regards Steve
  11. Hey, I'm new on here so all apologies for repeats or any other mistakes... I'm probably buying a used (7mo old) AT&T GS2 today that is rooted and unlocked, it's $185, I know absolutely nothing about rooted phones, i emphasize nothing lol, is there anything i need to look for specifically, what questions should I ask the seller? I'm buying it to put on straight talks service and will test it with an already active ST sim card to make sure it works before handing over the cash but are there any big "no-no's" or problems that can rise from purchasing an already rooted phone or something that could be wrong with it that an un-technological person like me may not realize until its too late? Please any help asap would be awesome again i know nothing about rooted phones
  12. So, I was seduced by a telephone salesperson last Tuesday (8/14/12) at 1 AM EST into purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. I got it Friday... and when I held it up next to my htc evo 4g (a la sprint), I was immediately disappointed. The galaxy has a brilliant screen, feels awesome in my hand (I love the curved edges and the gently roughed in skin on the back), the metallic trim is very handsome, it plays games quickly, and is very responsive and smart... but it lacks an important feature (hdmi out), the screen is smaller than the htc and motorola models mentioned in the topic title, and besides I can get a cheaper phone AND plan (as of the date of this post) from Virgin. Not to mention the ANEMIC 4gb micro SD card? Really, Samsung? I've had my Sprint based HTC Evo 4G since September of 2010 (yes this is I believe the first model released, not the 3d one), and its a great phone -- except for its glitches, such as the buttons being too close to the edge which causes me to touch them inadvertently,the fact that it has an abhorrently terrible battery life, the fact that it tends to lock up / freeze / BSOD quite often, and the processor is at times on the slow side even though it is clocked at 1ghz. On top of that, Sprint has just been a total rip off in terms of the bill for the plan. Also, Sprint's coverage is just ridiculously bad. I've _never_ been able to obtain 4g service even though Sprint charges a mandatory $10 monthly premium for 4g (can anyone say rip off). So after 10 long years, I'm just done with them, period. I'm on a monthly plan now with tmobile -- $50 for unlimited everything (100mb of 4g). So on that side, I've effectively cut my bill in half, and I can walk away with no penalty whenever I want -- a plus in this age of polynomial technological advance rates. So what is the learned opinion of members of this forum? Should I return my Galaxy S Blaze, eat the return shipping costs, and get an HTC (Note that I have until 9/15/12 to decide to return the phone in unmolested condition to tmobile)? Or get the Motorola Triumph? Should I stick with tmobile or migrate to Virgin? I'm considering Virgin's 300 minutes / unlimited data (effectively 2.5gb of 4g, I called to find out the truth) service for $35, or the next level which is 1200 minutes for $45 which would definitely be more than I need. OR, should I return to Sprint, hat in hand, tail between legs, and stick with what I have? As far as using Virgin's service -- I'm concerned that Virgin's coverage will be as bad as Sprint's since they're on the same network -- but I've heard that tmobile isn't so much better (and may even be worse), in my area -- which ranges from Richmond VA to Baltimore. By the way, my son assures me that using voice over IP (I actually found an app which I can't recall the name of on Google Play which works great), I could easily live within the boundaries of the 300 minutes plan via Virgin, and save money like Mr. Crab (Spongebob's miserly boss). Is the Galaxy S Blaze a better phone for my money (no more than $299.99, my cut off) than the others listed in the Topic Title? Thanks in advance for your answers. I look forward to hanging around this forum for some time to come, and I hope to be a helpful contributor in the future.
  13. Hi all. I have a Samsung galaxy note. I have been trying to upload doc files to several websites. When ever i select the choose file icon a window pops up but it only gives me the option to select pictures or music. Is there anyway i can get it so i can select from all or at the very least from the folder i have my documents stored. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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