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Found 5 results

  1. Following the recent Android Oreo 8.0 update, all my Google Play Music playlists are listed as 0 tracks. I don't understand how a system update would change a application like Google Play Music. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a way to restore playlists that have been deleted? In my case, this represents many hours of creating playlists for more than 400 tracks. I desperately need a solution as apposed to re-creating each list again manually.
  2. Just purchased a project Fi membership. Great. Their system is unable to accept my home address for 911, which is very unusual as mail arrives here and I do know how to enter my address. Fedex, UPS, USPS and countless other delivery services deliver here. This is unfortunate as it will only accept my former address 90+ plus miles away. They clearly need to do some homework. What is more unusual is after spending hours - literally hours - on the phone with two different technical "experts" they ask me to contact the post office and have the post office correct the problem. Excuse me, but the post office is not providing the service. E911 is a critical, life-saving technology that saves countless lives every year - too bad Google can't figure out how to get it to properly propigate in their system. Shameful. Utterly shameful.
  3. It's relatively new, having come out in late 2014. It has some excellent power, the display is wonderful, and it has an insane GPU we haven't seen before in tablets--the ULP GeForce Kepler, with 192 cores. Also, just to clarify, I am talking about the tablet, not the handheld. Is it really worth picking up? Sure, it plays Android games beautifully, but nothing on my list I recently created requires high-end specs. In fact, the large majority of Android games don't require high-end specs. So, worth it or not? What are your thoughts?
  4. Google opened its headquarters in London, which design by PENSON. PENSON Group is famous for designing famous brand office like Linksys, Art works and money other famous hotels, they are also very costly. New headquarter is situated in the Central St. Giles Building in London’s Covent Garden, the new 16,000 square foot space also includes such cutting-edge ideas for the workplace like a gym, dance studio (Twitter’s new HQ has a yoga studio), a cafe and a large event hall the designers have dubbed “Town Hall,” not to mention sweeping views of London. Every facility is provided by the Google to its lucky employees in the headquarter. This not just an office it just like a 7 star hotel. Let’s Check out Pictures of Google's Headquarter. Via: Google
  5. Anyone else have/use it? I've had it for a while but have sort of just started getting into it. Cool concept. Schemer - Web | Android Market
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