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Found 18 results

  1. Please.. I understand I didn't think my kid was an angel but I didn't think it was this bad. Oh and its getting bad.. Sneaky... What are the most common applications and ot other ways... too hide pictures or texts... ANY information in THE PHONE.. ALSO .. I NEED TO KNOW HOW TOO RETRIEVE DELETED TEXT MESSAGES
  2. Hi, firstly, apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum to ask this! I've got an Acer E380 running 4.2. I suddenly seem to have a load of "apps" in the settings>apps>all list, apps such as "MTK logger", "MTK android suite Daemon" and others such as "omacp". These all have worryingly high amounts of permissions - all are allowed to send texts, call numbers, access, modify and create contacts, accounts, etc. I have no recollection of installing these, and it looks to me to be some form of virus (and a little research online seems to back this up). I've run kasperskey and AVG virus scans yet they say my device is clean - so I'm now at all as to what to do? Is this a virus and if so, how do I remove it, as there seems to be no .apk that has caused it. Many thanks
  3. If there's anyone who can help me. I'll me more than delighted to accept your help. I recently installed superuser and system app remover on my LG P506 Phone. The reason I did this was so I could make room on my internal storage and remove the preinstalled at&t apps and whatever other useless apps a forum advised that I could remove. But I removed my LG home apk. since the forum said that I could do so as long as I had another home launcher which I did. I had the zeam launcher that I got from the playstore. But, for some reason or the other my phone shut itself off and went into factory reset mode. When it came back on the only thing I saw was a black screen with the scroll down notification bar at the top and no I don't have a backup because I realize now that I was very careless. What I'd like to know is, if it can be fixed and if so, how
  4. I was looking at the Verizon Messages app, and it sounds interesting, but I wanted to verify some things. I read that you need to subscribe to get integrated messages to text from a tablet, is this free? Can I send text messages from a tablet for free without integrated messages(assuming they cost money)? I have unlimited texting with my current plan if that makes a difference. Thank you in advance
  5. I know this isn't a common problem but, here's the thing.. I have this Samsung Galaxy S4 and I was planning to replace my LCD digitizer myself coz my phone's glass was cracked but I can still use my phone properly .. Out of curiosity, I started disassembling my phone even before my new lcd digitizer got delivered, after that.. I assembled it back together. When I turn my phone back on, It was working properly.. then, after 5 or 10 mins. the touch pointer was freezing.. It's just the touch screen was not working. The home button,volume button and the power button seems to work fine. Then, I replaced my LCD successfully due to thinking that my old LCD has got to do with the problem.. After turning my phone back on, it seems to work fine. BUT after 5-10 mins, I was having the same problem again until now.. Hoping someone help me please . Thanks in advance.
  6. so i was trying to install a new OS on my sgh-t989, and the battery died halfway through installation. now it's stuck on the carbon boot screen. i have the restore files but i can't get to the cmw menu; reseting it makes it go to download screen. what should i do? is there a video out there or something?
  7. HI guys! Totally new here and new to the android world as well... I made the mistake of purchasing a super cheap tablet. Now I am trying to figure out how to get it online via a 3G data plan. Im not even totally sure what brand it is but I suspect it's MID since thats the label on the generic re-printed manual, which gives next to no information lol it's model number is KB901. Any help with this would be super wonderful!
  8. After I replaced framework apk all my apps force closed so I restarted the phone (Xperia miro) and now I am stuck on that XPERIA logo! The phone is running 4.0.4 , it's rooted, I tried factory reset with CWM but it stays the same. When I connect it to computer Emma recognized it but wrote no matching services and PC Companion recognized it but couldn't connect. Then I installed update service but because my bootloader is unlocked and my phone is rooted I got the message: "the phone contains modified software and can't be updated." Help please, what should I do?
  9. Hello I am in desperate need of help as I really need the phone in the next week. I am sure most of you are familiar with this problem, I'm not the first one, neither the last one to experience it. I am just going to say what happened, just in case. Okay, well it was working perfectly fine until today, about 3pm; I had done nothing wrong. I have downloaded the new game Dungeon Hunter 4 or something like that and then played it for about 10 minutes give or take. Then I killed the application and didn't touch my phone for about half an hour. I was about to check the time and weather when I realized that my phone was stuck in this weird state which usually appears when you turn on your phone; with the Galaxy S3 screen logo. I could not turn it of so my first instinct was to pull out the battery, so I did. I tried to turn on the phone but it got stuck at the same point. Then I said to myself maybe it was the battery was not charged enough so I plugged in the cable. It opened to the battery screen which usually loads for a few seconds and then stars charging but this time it didn't; it was stuck in the loading mode. I started to google it and see what causes this and how to solve it. I have tried most of the things but it seems as if all odds are against me. The home+vol-up+power wouldn't get me into recovery mode and it would only turn on the phone to the logo thingy. The home+vol-down+power would take me into download mode or whatever; so I tried Kies. It didn't work because at the end of the processing bit it would give me a message saying that the device was not recognized or something like that; therefore it would guide me through some other steps that I couldn't perform because I couldn't turn on the phone. What is there left to do as I don't have any ideas left and I don't want to mess up the phone somehow; it is not rooted or anything, I had the original firmware on it. Thank you.
  10. I was recommended to reset to factory settings as my Wildfire S was playing up. It would reject calls; had memory problems; amongst other things. Last night, I down loaded all my numbers to my SD card and reset my phone to factory settings. I then uploaded my numbers back again. When going into each persons record card, the data on each has been multiplied (within the entry) numerous times. Some only twice, some 6 or 8 times, and that is not just the phone number. Where it has happened, it happens to every entry on the card e.g. if a card has a mobile & home numbers, email address & birthday each of these records has been multiplied the same number of times. Does anyone know why this has happened and how to sort it without having to go into each record (I have over 900 so would prefer not to have to go and do it all manually!!) Thanks. BunnyB :)
  11. Hello everybody! I’m quite new to this Android software programming; that’s why I’m having a lot of difficulties in especially launching apps I create in my phone or launching them on emulators via Eclipse. So; let me quickly tell you about it: When I try to launch the app I created using Eclipse on my phone (GalaxyS+ I9001), as you can see in the first image, I’m getting “Force close” error: You can witness by looking at the second and third images that there is none of coding errors within the XML codes of the app: I’ve already tried several different emulators of different DPIs (NexusS, NexusOne, Nexus7); however, the error still persists. I’ve searched about this on the net but couldn’t find anybody suffering from a similar problem (probably because I’m noober than any developer). But how can I get over this force close error? P.S: You might want to suggest me using “Debug” thing but even though Eclipse shows in which line there are errors that need to be corrected, I don’t know what to do to solve it or correct it. That’s why you should maybe suggest me another way out of this? P.S 2: I haven’t rooted my phone, nor have I installed any custom ROMs. Thanks in advance. Good luck for everyone out there...
  12. Hey, Just wondering if anyone can help me. I got an android tablet for Christmas, and every time I try to download anything thing from play store this pops up; Error retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0] I was just wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if anyone knows a way to fix it. All the games I want to play are thro play store... Well most of the apps and games you can get for your tablet have to be downloaded thro play store. :( So when it doesn't work it really sucks. So pleaseee any one. Helpp!?
  13. Okay to cut a long story short, i think when i leave my phone unattended, someone is looking through my phone and changing things. I know a lot of people will say "use a security measure" but thats not an option. I can remember a few years ago, my friend showed me an application that you could activate, and then look at results afterwards as to whats been done on your phone whilst you left it unattended. Is there a similar application for andriod ? Thanks Blair :D
  14. I uninstalled Netflix and it would not run after the update. I rooted my Tablet and reinstalled it and it would not run. Here is an article on how to get your Netflix back!! http://daniel-slack.newsvine.com/_news/2012/10/02/14181305-oh-no-netflix-stopped-working-since-android-update-what-do-i-do
  15. so my gs2 worked fine for the first few months but now if i try to transfer music or any file to the phone it just says its copying but it never ends. i left it there for and hour and the same thing happens or it says file was unable to transfer do you know a way i can fix it or a way i can reboot the phone
  16. I want the orbot app which isnt in the appsLib store and my tablet the ARNOVA 8 G3 8in Touch Tablet - Android 4.0 uses appsLib however the app is in the google store so how can i i get the app is there a way i belive there is just dont know exactly how any help/ideas its not rooted and i DONT want to root it.
  17. Hi, I am new to this site so I'd just like to introduce myself. I work for a Japanese software company in the international section. I am trying to learn more about smartphones, and especially Android so I can conduct my work more easily. I look forward to working with the community here. Please feel free to talk to me about anything.
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