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Found 6 results

  1. For months now my HTC One Max lags when texting. I can tell that texts are being held up after pressing send because the little clock next to the text icon keeps showing. This can take up to 30 minutes or more before that clock icon disappears and I can feel confident that my text was transmitted. Has anyone else had this problem, or have any recommendations? Could texts be getting caught up while I move between wifi to 4G to bluetooth? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I have got Galaxy S5 it disconnects from WIFI very often. Generally, when my home wifi modem disconnects from service provider for few seconds or minutes and reconnect again, my phone loses WIFI connection every time and do not reconnect automatically. So, first I have to go to phone settings -> wifi -> select network -> click forget, Turn off WIFI switch from the phone, then go to WIFI modem turn it off manually and restart it. Then go back to the phone start wifi, select wifi network -> enter password and then it works. I have another HTC phone which does not lose connection from WIFI modem no matter how many times WIFI modem restarts, my HTC connects with the WIFI automatically. It seems galaxy phones do have this problem. I had earlier GALAXY S3 and it had the same problem. Do you guys have any solution? Thanks
  3. I was recommended to reset to factory settings as my Wildfire S was playing up. It would reject calls; had memory problems; amongst other things. Last night, I down loaded all my numbers to my SD card and reset my phone to factory settings. I then uploaded my numbers back again. When going into each persons record card, the data on each has been multiplied (within the entry) numerous times. Some only twice, some 6 or 8 times, and that is not just the phone number. Where it has happened, it happens to every entry on the card e.g. if a card has a mobile & home numbers, email address & birthday each of these records has been multiplied the same number of times. Does anyone know why this has happened and how to sort it without having to go into each record (I have over 900 so would prefer not to have to go and do it all manually!!) Thanks. BunnyB :)
  4. This HTC Droid DNA is exclusively for Verizon. But it is indeed the unlocked version It supports CDMA1x/EV-DO Rev A, LTE/DO Rx GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) UMTS (850MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz). http://www.gsminside...s-unlocked.html
  5. So, I was seduced by a telephone salesperson last Tuesday (8/14/12) at 1 AM EST into purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. I got it Friday... and when I held it up next to my htc evo 4g (a la sprint), I was immediately disappointed. The galaxy has a brilliant screen, feels awesome in my hand (I love the curved edges and the gently roughed in skin on the back), the metallic trim is very handsome, it plays games quickly, and is very responsive and smart... but it lacks an important feature (hdmi out), the screen is smaller than the htc and motorola models mentioned in the topic title, and besides I can get a cheaper phone AND plan (as of the date of this post) from Virgin. Not to mention the ANEMIC 4gb micro SD card? Really, Samsung? I've had my Sprint based HTC Evo 4G since September of 2010 (yes this is I believe the first model released, not the 3d one), and its a great phone -- except for its glitches, such as the buttons being too close to the edge which causes me to touch them inadvertently,the fact that it has an abhorrently terrible battery life, the fact that it tends to lock up / freeze / BSOD quite often, and the processor is at times on the slow side even though it is clocked at 1ghz. On top of that, Sprint has just been a total rip off in terms of the bill for the plan. Also, Sprint's coverage is just ridiculously bad. I've _never_ been able to obtain 4g service even though Sprint charges a mandatory $10 monthly premium for 4g (can anyone say rip off). So after 10 long years, I'm just done with them, period. I'm on a monthly plan now with tmobile -- $50 for unlimited everything (100mb of 4g). So on that side, I've effectively cut my bill in half, and I can walk away with no penalty whenever I want -- a plus in this age of polynomial technological advance rates. So what is the learned opinion of members of this forum? Should I return my Galaxy S Blaze, eat the return shipping costs, and get an HTC (Note that I have until 9/15/12 to decide to return the phone in unmolested condition to tmobile)? Or get the Motorola Triumph? Should I stick with tmobile or migrate to Virgin? I'm considering Virgin's 300 minutes / unlimited data (effectively 2.5gb of 4g, I called to find out the truth) service for $35, or the next level which is 1200 minutes for $45 which would definitely be more than I need. OR, should I return to Sprint, hat in hand, tail between legs, and stick with what I have? As far as using Virgin's service -- I'm concerned that Virgin's coverage will be as bad as Sprint's since they're on the same network -- but I've heard that tmobile isn't so much better (and may even be worse), in my area -- which ranges from Richmond VA to Baltimore. By the way, my son assures me that using voice over IP (I actually found an app which I can't recall the name of on Google Play which works great), I could easily live within the boundaries of the 300 minutes plan via Virgin, and save money like Mr. Crab (Spongebob's miserly boss). Is the Galaxy S Blaze a better phone for my money (no more than $299.99, my cut off) than the others listed in the Topic Title? Thanks in advance for your answers. I look forward to hanging around this forum for some time to come, and I hope to be a helpful contributor in the future.
  6. My HTC One S refuses to dial telephone numbers entered in the common UK formats: +44 (0) 20 1234 1234 or +44 (0) 1865 123 123 This is a MAJOR problem as most of the UK numbers on the web list with the bracketed zero "(0)" and the organisation I work for has thousands of contacts with this format - all of which I cannot dial. My Blackberry handles both +44 20 1234 1234 and +44 (0) 20 1234 1234 formats correctly. Come on Android (if it is in fact an Android problem) get your act together and handle bracketed numbers correctly.
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