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Found 1 result

  1. I am from India and have Moto G XT1033 Dual Sim Version. so what i did was - (FOLLOWED THE ROOTING PROCEDURE FROM MODACO superboot tools ) 1. I tried to unlock Bootloader via Motorola website and first time i didn't follow proper bootloader unlocking process and tried to root the phone while it was "LOCKED STATUS 0".This gave error Device loked and "cmd". 2. Then i noticed mistake and unlocked bootloader successfully and STATUS was "UNLOCKED " in bootloader. 3. Then i rebooted and again booted into bootloader and then began process and it on the phone screen said something like "Booting" or "cmd" i dont remember actually and then some stripes with BLACK SCREEN and faded colours were there so as told in tutorial , i long pressed power button and rebooted it But after that nothing happened as told in guide and no "SU" or SuperUser app was there. ALSO the command prompt on pc screen ended the process saying like "Failed" 4. Now when i check with some root checking apps , they all tell me device is not rooted. also from google play store , i installed superuser and it tells no SU binaries found. CONCERNS ARE - 1 Should i begin the whole rooting process again ? will it mess it up further ? can my device get bricked ? 2 In Recovery option in Bootloader there is a BOT laying down with RED exclamation mark. what is this ? 3 Have i customized my ROM and firmware? 4 How do i get Rooted ? 5 How to get stock firmware/ROM back ? 6 Please help me find my stock firmware for my Indian XT1033 Dual Sim version. My device after this has slow download speeds like 2mb app is taking 10 minutes or so .
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