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Found 6 results

  1. Just purchased a Moto Z Droid with 32GB of memory but this will not support the pictures and music I had on my old Samsung S4. How do I upgrade my CD card to a 128GB CD Card and change it from "internal shared" to "portable" without starting from scratch. I have already backed up my current CD Card to an external USB drive but I am not sure about the applications on the CD Card. :unsure:
  2. As you'll be able to tell, I'm not super-tech-savvy. I'm about to buy a new device and I see "128gb/256gb ssd" memory. What does that mean? If the memory is 128gb what does the "256gb ssd" mean or stand for? PS If you have any suggestions on a new samsung device (tablet or 2-in-1 preferably) with a lot (at least 128gb) memory and geared more toward creativity, like making videos mainly, than just social media and word I'm open to suggestions. This is currently what I'm planning on getting, this pic also has an example of the memory I'm asking about. Thank you.
  3. My AT&T SGS4 is showing its age. Yet, the phone basically meets my needs and if I can eliminate the problems I would be happy to use it for some time to come. First problem is my 16GB memory often hovers at 500MB or less. The phone does not operate well, app wise, at that level. A few minutes using the native memory manager functions followed by using DU app boosters and functionality gets better, although apparent available memory does not increase markedly. All apps that can be moved to the SD card (16GB) have been moved. and over time and use the problems return. Second problem is I have an intermittent pause. E.G. - i am creating a text or email, suddenly there is no actvity on the screen, but then a series of already executed key strokes appear sequentially on the screen. I think I have seen at least 4 so appear. This fault also stops the music player and the web browser. On the music player it is a dead stop and has to be reactivated. I am thinking these problems require, or can be solved by, a factory reset and then, possibly, rooting the phone to rid the unit of the bloatware. First question, what happens during a factory reset, is the phone tied up for hours as it sequentially updates OS' recapitulating each OS version it has had previously? Currently I am 4.4.4. An OTA update to Lollipop failed due to the memory issues. I do not know what OS I started with. Second question, if I root, must I install a custom ROM to be able to rid the phone of bloatware. I am technical enough to be dangerous, and would best be described as a user who knows what an OTA and bloatware are but can quickly get confused by hardcore tech speak. Finally,beyond my specific questions any insights that can be provided by the community will be gratefully received.
  4. Good morning to this great bunch of people on this forum! I have been reading many of the posts with great interest, and I am very impressed by how much knowledge there is in this forum and how supportive everyone is! So, I am hoping that someone can give me a little direction on this one... I am an ex-iphone user (iPhone 4S 64GB), because I have a condition where my vision is rapidly getting worse and I just can't see the screen very well like I used to. So, changing to a phone with as HUGE of a screen as I could find was super important. At first, I was going to try the Samsung Note - and I went to the store and played with it a bit. And I was just about ready to get it, when a friend of mine who knows a really nice reseller in Asia turned me on to his website. On his website, I found an awesome 6-inch capacitive screen Android phone, which LOOKS just like the Samsung note, but only larger - much larger. The screen is so easy for me to see, and I am thrilled. I paid a little over $230 for the phone, and I am very surprised by the build quality and the fit and finish. I was expecting a very cheap horrible phone, but rather it is quite sturdy and the screen is responsive and rocks. However, I am having some problems that I hope someone can help with - and it is basically because I am a total and complete dumbass idiot when it comes to Android, since I was a brainwashed iOS user since day one LOL..... So, first here is a little bit about the phone itself: Upai N9880 MTK6575, Dual-Core 1.2GHz Android 4.0.3 I am using Straight Talk unlimited plan in SIM Slot 1. I left SIM Slot 2 empty. Also, I inserted a 16GB Micro SD in the memory card slot. When I go into Settings, and then Storage, here is what it says: "Preferred install location - choices are Internal storage, USB storage, or Let the system decide", and "Let the system decide" is ticked on. Default Write Disk - the choices are USB storage or SD Card. Next, it shows Internal Storage total space 503MB, Apps are using 197MB, with 283MB availalbe. Next section down, it shows USB Storage, total space 2.00GB, Apps are using 192MB, Pictures & videos are using 46.91MB, and there is 1.76GB available. Then, in the next section down, it shows SD Card, Total space 14.83GB, Available 14.74GB. Then I have choices to unmount the SD card, or erase the SD card. **HERE IS THE ISSUE after telling you all of this. I have installed App2SD Pro, as well as ASTRO File Manager Pro. What happens, is that apps seem to by default still install in the phone memory location. When I run App2SD, it shows which apps are movable, and when I move them it puts them onto that 2GB "USB storage" as they call it. I can never get anything to install onto the real 16GB SD card. The only way to get things onto the 16GB SD card is to manually move them (like photos and stuff) using ASTRO File Manager Pro. The WEIRD part of this, and this may be where some of the problem might be - is that in ASTRO File Manager Pro, it shows the 2GB "USB Storage" as "sdcard", and then it shows my real 16GB SD card as "sdcard2". So, as it stands, I can't get App2SD Pro, or even the phone's own built-in selection, to install the apps to the REAL SD card - and I am thoroughly confused LOL. In the past, when I had Android devices, I just used App2SD and it always worked. This is my first Asian phone - and while it is a very nice huge screen that I can see, this will be a problem for me (as far as being able to install apps and using up memory rather quickly. I really like this phone, but if there is no workaround I suppose I will have to bite the bullet and go to AT&T and get the Samsung Note and settle for the smaller screen. My stupid eyes are a huge pain in the A$$..... ANY insight or help that anyone can give, I would be very, very appreciative and it would mean a lot to me, and to my eyesight. Thanks very much everyone! Mike
  5. Normally, my HTC Thunderbolt with an extended battery gives me about 10-12 hours of talk and internet use and about 24 hours of standby time. On Friday 9/14 I got just four hours of use. In looking at battery use, I see the dialer went nuts chewing up 25% of the battery on a continuous basis. I had not made any calls since Thursday evening. Force stopping the dialer and a cold reboot did not solve the problem. However, after leaving the device turned off and on charge over night I see the dialer has throttled back to 2% of use or zero. This is standby mode as I understand it. A review of various Android forums on the Internet shows many reports of similar problems with Android phones. A call to Verizon Technical Support revealed the carrier has no record of this type of problem! There is no single cause of the dialer going berserk, but some reports suggest is it associated with the following sound settings being checked "on": - Quiet ring on pickup - Pocket mode - Flip for speaker All three settings are associated with the motion sensor. My suspicion is that a bug in the motion sensor code keeps the dialer from shutting down after a call and after one or more of these functions are triggered by the user. The older version of the dialer had a setting that forced it to shut down after a call. You could set it to return to the contacts screen on hang up. That option is gone in Android 2.3.4, SW # 2.11.605.19 71ORD It is not useful to turn off the motion sensor, though there are NON-root tools do so, since it is also used for screen orientation, e.g. landscape v. portrait, for other functions. It seems to me that HTC and Verizon have some explaining to do because hundreds of reports on the Internet clearly means some of them must have been brought to the carrier's attention over time. BTW: Verizon's technical support blamed the battery and sold me a new extended unit for $50 since the original was out of warranty. That was before I did the research I am reporting here.
  6. OK, so I have a ZTE Racer, not the best I know, but it was the cheapest and I just wanted to see what the score was before I committed to something more expensive. I think this issue is applicable to any phone; I have rooted it, I have busybox, superuser, a 16gb SD card (partitioned), app2sd, and Titanium backup. I have no other apps that can go onto the SD card that arent already on it. I have removed google maps and some other junk that I wasnt going to use, but now it says that my memory is full if I try and D/L an app. I dont get it. What is filling it up? If I look at task manager it will show memory useage but it varies with which apps are running, so that is no help. App2SD says that I have 162MB total with 2615MB available. How can I free up space? I am a bit confused
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