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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Good People and Kind Hearted. I am beginner at android studio and I encountered a problem during download any music file in App/res/raw (Please see attached pictures). Any answers please. God Bless. :) :) :) :)
  2. There are plenty of podcasts in the world. Which are interesting for you? And what are they about?
  3. I have a Motorola Razr M, and a micro SD card with the adapter so it can be used as a full size card. What I'm looking to do is fill this card with music so I can use my phone for music without worrying about data limits and such. Should I just insert the SD card into my computer and fill it with the music I want? Also if so, then is there a specific way that it needs to be formatted (folders vs. one big pile of mp3s on the card)? Aaaand, what music program do you recommend? I'd prefer free, but if there's one that's reasonably priced and is remarkable, then I'd certainly consider buying it. Once I get the app, how do I load the music into it so I can start listening? Thanks, and sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything promising.
  4. PhoneBook Application that allows you to contact the person in an instant. Just a touch, and you're done! Key Features and Benefits: Allows Insert, List, Find, Change, Remove, Clear Book. In search may search by Name, Email, Telephone or where the results are instantaneous. Allows you to insert picture in the contact [****** IMPORTANT ******] DPI Application: 240 No need for internet connection Application Link: https://play.google....5kYS5saXRlIl 0. MP3 Player Application to play MP3 files on your SmartPhone automatically. Main funcionalides and Benefits: - Simple design and easy interactivity. - Select Multiple files at once to the Playlist without duplicating the same song (if names are equal and are in the same way). - Allows you to Play, Stop, Pause, Forward / Back on the Trail, go to previous / Next. - Lets you know the information of Music (Track, Album, Artist, Music Name, Year, Total Time, Total Ski) - Lets you remove a song individually. - Allows Clear all PlayList [****** IMPORTANT ******] DPI Application: 240 - No need internet connection Application Link: https://play.google....m1wMy5tb2IiXQ..
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