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Found 1 result

  1. I'm new to programming and was delighted when I stumbled upon MIT App Inventor. I fully intend to try and learn how to do it outside of the drag and drop environment, but this is a nice introduction for me. Here's my problem. I'm making a flash card app. Nothing fancy. I have X topics. 1 screen for each topic, not including my index screen. On each screen I use the same format: 2 buttons and a text box for each question. One button displays an answer in the text box, the 2nd button clears the box. I do this over and over and over on each screen. There are 6 blocks of code for each question. The most recent topic I did had 56 questions. That's 336 components that I had to name, set properties for, and place. Here is a snapshot of what my blocks look like for that section. I still have to go through and add the answers to every block that says "text" in bold, but before I do that, I'd really like some way to copy this structure and paste it on all the other screens so I don't have to spend another 2 hours per screen. The problem is, I don't think I can mass copy and paste like that in app inventor. I've looked everywhere, but nobody has a clear answer. Am I missing something obvious? Is there another way to accomplish this? Can I somehow see my raw code, open it up in another IDE, copy and paste it there, and then reload it into app inventor? Am I going about building this app the completely wrong way? Would it be better to make a database that the app can draw from instead of how I'm making it now? (Is that even possible?) Sorry for so many questions, just not really sure how to proceed and could use some guidance.
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