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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am very new at forums so I hope I do this right. I have a Visio tablet, VTab1008 and all I get on the screen is a yellow triangle with ! , I have been having some problems charging it also....Can someone please help? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a NEXT8D12F tablet and i can't open it. it freezes in the first logo and blocked there. recently it works fine after i did a root for it. it worked after the root for a week and it blocked in the first logo. i tried to get to recovery mode to do a factory reset or wipe data or to flach rom but nothing i can't reach recovery mode i press volume up and power button but nothing it always still blocked in the first logo and still there !!!!! i didn't know what should i do ? i have the original rom for my tab but if i can't get access to recovery mode what can i do with him please help me !!!!!!!
  3. i recently got color xfactor bold and it has very less internal memory so rooted it and downloaded the link2sd app, i have partitioned the sd card with fat32(normal storage) and ext4(to link app) my problem is when i link a app to the sd card the memory in the internal memory also increases(used memory) and not decrease, in my last android that did not happen so does anyone know what i happening?? any thoughts would be much appreciated :D
  4. Hello, I got a tablet for Christmas (NEXT8D12F). It worked flawlessly, without lags etc all managed without a problem, but 5 days ago I installed CameraFX or so and on that day I discharged battery, The main problem is that a starting screen lagged. (Android version 4.0.4). Advised by someone to run it without deleting data if it is not otherwise so as to reinstall only what we found is switched over tablets. Thank you all for advice. Sorry for my bad English, I from Czech Republic. (ps: I was there Antivir from Eset and Norton only on Malware ) ( EDIT. by ME )
  5. Hi there, my first post here. :) I am in need of some help with my SII Skyrocket. I recently replaced the battery as it went from 92% charge to 7% in about 15 seconds, and could not hold any charge. Right from this moment, even before replacing the battery but after the battery had the problem, I am having an issue with the screen. Check this video on Youtube so that you can understand it: The phone is constantly making that sound, as if it is being connected to a charger/usb cable. When this is happening, the screen turns unresponsive to long-presses, and has issues to recognize regular touch features. I have noticed that this does not happen so often when it has almost full charge (maybe 90% or more), but still happens. When the phone is plugged to the charger, the issue ussualy dissappears after a few minutes. I have restored the phone's software, but the problem persists. If anyone had this problem or has any idea what could be causing it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :D
  6. When I open my market app, It stays "Loading..." For a few seconds, then it closes to main screen. It does not say any error. I also know that Market is now google play store, But If I download the apk, It says authentication required. Please log in to your google account. Help please .
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