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Found 22 results

  1. This is a guide on how to root, unlock, and flash Clockwork Mod recovery to the ASUS Transformer Prime. This process uses ViperBoy's ViperMod PrimeTime tool and is as easy as it gets. The unlock process used in this tool is an automated version of the ASUS unlock tool. I take no credit for any development in this tool, I am simply sharing a how-to video. Big thanks to Saurik and ViperBoy for making all of this possible. You can also find my written instructions here. http://youtu.be/qM6AuL3dtNM ViperMod PrimeTime V4.5 for Windows OTA Root Keeper
  2. Let's talk a little bit about rooting and ROMs. I know we have a thread that is essentially a ROM list but no real discussion thread for attempts we've made to root our devices, ROMs we've installed, any problems we've encountered and so on. for starters I'd love to know what motivates other people to want to root their phones and tablets. I know why I do it. I assume it is the same reason for everyone. Freedom to control our own devices and to get rid of bloatware and other unwanted programs. Who knows though? You might have some specific reason outside that ideal. What made you want to do it? How did you go about it and how successful were you? Did the warranty issues bother you or did you plow ahead balls out? I recently rooted and made a dual boot out of my father's HP Touchpad. I left the Web OS because no version of ICS I could find could control the camera on the Touchpad. He wanted the full Google Market but didn't want to lost the camera function so now if he wants he can boot into Web OS still to use the camera. Not bad for 99 bucks. I also rooted my Samsung Epic... twice. I had a hardware problem on the first one and the insurer sent me another. So then I rooted the second one. I now have a gorgeous version of ICS on the phone. I would love to discuss the process but before I do perhaps a mod could weigh in with what is considered spam on these boards. I used other sites and some excellent youtube vids that walked me through the process but I don't want to start name dropping unless it's cool to do that. Anyway, what have you rooted? What's your ROM? What's your ROM manager or installer? Talk root to me.
  3. Hello, I've taken in to repair my friends tablet. Model is GT-P5100. The virus has root permissions (the tablet itself is not rooted). The only way to repair it is to root it and delete virus manually. Howewer, can't root because APPs don't work, cable doesn't connect to pc (it just doesn't see tablet). So the problems I have : 1. Can not connect tablet to computer. 2. Can not root the tablet/delete the virus from the tablet itself. What have I tried? I'll try to list things for both problems. "Can not connect tablet to computer." 1. Installing Kies, reinstalling kies, troubleshooting kies, manually installing drivers, basicaly everything driver related 2. Tried connecting when in odin mode, download mode, fully booted, with USB debugging enabled/disabled. 3. Tried different cables (bought a few new ones even). 4. Tried connecting to different computers (Ubuntu 14 PC, Win10 PC, Win 7 laptop, Win 10 laptop, Win 8 laptop). The best I got from this is that on one of the computers I got "Device unrecognised". Tried all ways to forward it to drivers, all to no avail (please keep in mind that I'm an IT technician, so basically I have tried all possible ways) 5. Tried Odin, tried samsung Kies, tried ADB sideloader. 6. Tried different USB ports 7. Tried reinstalling all USB drivers. Basically, I've tried almost everything, don't know what else to try. Next problem "Can not root the tablet/delete the virus from the tablet itself." the device barely lets me install anything at all, even simple actions like opening menu often just restart the device and leaves it with more viruses. 1. Tried Factory restore, virus still stays. 2. Tried downloading APP's that root (z4root, KingoRoot) - don't work. 3. Tried uninstalling infected apps - they reinstal right over again, even make the device restart. 4. Tried disabling device administrators. 5. Tried a few antiviruses. 6. Tried stoping services. So I have no idea what to do next. Please help! P.S. Sorry for bad english, it's not my native tongue.
  4. Is the only option repair IMEI to buy CDMA Workshop? Here's the info: Samsung Galaxy S5 G900P Sprint CDMA I've copied \efs to another location on device, as well as, copied to pc. Also, I've verified Confirmed root by Root Checker Unable to determine if in diag mode, but using ##3424# results with 3 options; cdma, pda and qualcom . Is the only option repair IMEI to buy CDMA Workshop?
  5. My AT&T SGS4 is showing its age. Yet, the phone basically meets my needs and if I can eliminate the problems I would be happy to use it for some time to come. First problem is my 16GB memory often hovers at 500MB or less. The phone does not operate well, app wise, at that level. A few minutes using the native memory manager functions followed by using DU app boosters and functionality gets better, although apparent available memory does not increase markedly. All apps that can be moved to the SD card (16GB) have been moved. and over time and use the problems return. Second problem is I have an intermittent pause. E.G. - i am creating a text or email, suddenly there is no actvity on the screen, but then a series of already executed key strokes appear sequentially on the screen. I think I have seen at least 4 so appear. This fault also stops the music player and the web browser. On the music player it is a dead stop and has to be reactivated. I am thinking these problems require, or can be solved by, a factory reset and then, possibly, rooting the phone to rid the unit of the bloatware. First question, what happens during a factory reset, is the phone tied up for hours as it sequentially updates OS' recapitulating each OS version it has had previously? Currently I am 4.4.4. An OTA update to Lollipop failed due to the memory issues. I do not know what OS I started with. Second question, if I root, must I install a custom ROM to be able to rid the phone of bloatware. I am technical enough to be dangerous, and would best be described as a user who knows what an OTA and bloatware are but can quickly get confused by hardcore tech speak. Finally,beyond my specific questions any insights that can be provided by the community will be gratefully received.
  6. I want to root Colors X-Factor Bold but before that i want to make a recovery image in case of any failures. Any body can help, what should i do for both the cases?
  7. I have root access on my Samsung Galaxy S5. I have used Titanium Backup to remove bloatware and I have used Xposed framework to install various mods and tweaks. Two hours ago, I noticed that my phone was in Odin Mode and is downloading something. Is it the OTA update for Android Kitkat 4.4.4? My carrier is Sprint, it's still in Odin Mode and I'm not sure what's taking so long. Description: " ODIN MODE PRODUCT NAME: SM-G900P CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official SYSTEM STATUS: Official KNOX WARRANT VOID: 0x0 QUALCOMM SECUREBOOT: ENABLE (CSB) AP SWREV: S1, T1, A1, P1 UDC START Downloading... Do not turn off target!! "
  8. I've rooted my GS2 with Framaroot, installed Root Browser, Titanium Backup and RootAppDelete. I can't find the Skype apk in system>app, and neither of those apps show it as installed. Nevertheless, there it is in my app drawer. How do I delete this stubborn thing?
  9. So, here's what I did. I rooted my Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab. I didn't like the fact that I had to try so hard to get on Google Play, I wasn't aware of the ease of getting working apps... Regardless... XDA came out with a way to "unroot" the Androids and they say it returns them to stock EVERYTHING. So much that the manufacturer will not be able to tell it was ever rooted. My question is: If I have to send it back in, how can I tell if the manufacturer will know if its been rooted? Thanks! DonnieGalaxy2
  10. I have searched and come up empty which leads me to believe the answer is no but I will ask anyway. Is there any way to root my ZTE Valet? If not is there an app that will freeze the apps I don't want to run? I just want to set up my phone the way I want it to be and there are a bunch of apps that I want but require root.
  11. so i was trying to install a new OS on my sgh-t989, and the battery died halfway through installation. now it's stuck on the carbon boot screen. i have the restore files but i can't get to the cmw menu; reseting it makes it go to download screen. what should i do? is there a video out there or something?
  12. Hi All, New to this forum, and new to rooting etc. I would be grateful if someone could advise how I can replace the preinstalled Android version on my Lenovo A830 with a UK or US version of Android which would allow me to download apps such as Sky News Gmail etc. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone! This is my first topic here. I was searching on google for days but couldn't find anything about how to remove pre-installed, unnecessarry apps like Google+, Streams, Maps, YouTube from Ascend Y200. These apps are in the system memory, and cannot be moved to SD-card (because they are system apps). I tried to move or uninstall these with Titanium Backup, but I got an error: Failed to locate apk. That means, these apps are in a different folder from /system/app. I downloaded Root Explorer and started browsing the system files, and found the solution. ***Your phone needs to be rooted to do these steps*** ***I am not responsable for any system damage or brick. Do it carefully, and know what you are doing!*** With Root Explorer, go to /data/dataapp and look for the apps, what you want to uninstall. Match icons with filenames. Navigate to "custom" folder. I live in Europe so for me, it's /cust/normal/europe. But in USA, I think it's /cust/nomral/us or something like that. You should see these folders: app, email, lib, logo, media, ons, prop, xml (These are for me...) Now mount R/W, go to "xml" folder and backup APKInstallList.txt file. (Copy it and paste to same path. You should get an APKInstallList - Copy.txt) Open the original APKInstallList.txt in text editor. You can see there are the separated system apps' path. Delete the path lines of the apks, what you don't want to use, or you want to reinstall from Google Play. Save the file and exit. Turn off Quick Boot in Settings>Applications>Quick Boot. Reboot your phone. After reboot, you can see, the icons are still in the menu. Tap the icon to make it disappear. Now you can reinstall YouTube, Maps, Google+ from Google Play, and now they gonna be stored on SD card as user apps. You can look for other system apps in /system/app but they can be removed with Titanium Backup. Hope it worked, thank for reading! If you have any issues, report to me!! Oh, and sorry for my english. I'm from Hungary :)
  14. to root the Y200 you buy in Australia. (and other international english versions) (probably all versions) works 100%. cant garuntee any other country, but this information is a mixture of badly translated instructions in a few different countries 1. turn off "fast boot" in "applications" menu in settings 2. turn on "USB debugging" in "Development" in "Applications " in settings download http://www.android-hilfe.de/attachments/root-custom-roms-modding-fuer-huawei-ascend-y200/116790d1339017400-how-root-huawei-y200-english-international-thread-superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed.zip and put it on your root SD card directory download on a WINDOWS computer http://www.android-hilfe.de/attachments/root-custom-roms-modding-fuer-huawei-ascend-y200/117105d1346088727-how-root-huawei-y200-english-international-thread-root_y200_v5.2_int.zip and unzip file into a new folder RUN THE INSTALL adb EXE FILE when u have run the install adb exe , plug in ur phone to computer & a new drive will appear in my computer. install the adb program files choosing either win 7 or XP (2 choices) HAVE THE Rootv5.2.bat FILE from zip ready to run on computer turn off phone. remove battery for 5 seconds . now we will change to custom recovery mode. replace battery, plug in via usb to computer & hold "volume up" & power button on at same time until logo appears on screen release up vol & power button & then immediately press "volume down & power button & hold until logo freezes / stays on screen / doesnt progress beyond the logo (you may to continually hold power button and only swap between vol up & vol down as alternative) run the BAT file from the root zip file u extracted wait for 10 15 seconds, then press RETURN .... will say stuff, then pause press RETURN again, repeat once more. it should say finished (hopefully) (or similar) now u have mod recovery mode. make sure u copied the Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed.zip file u downloaded above to the root directory of ur SD card. turn phone off. remove battery for 5 - 10 secs. replace battery. hold Volume up button & power button on for 15 seconds (or until a text menu appears) navigate menu with vol up & vol down keys , power button selects. select install zip file from sd card. select Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed.zip . will run script for very short time & display success message. now your phone is rooted. recommend titanium backup for all software install, installs bloatware etc. if any system apps wont remove (gives error) BLOATWARE FREEZER should work. enjoy
  15. Hey, can anyone tell me the way to root colors xfactor star 3.5(x-11)?
  16. Hello everyone, I bought a stock of tablets, Mediacom SmartPad 750 3g. I saw that some tablet device when I insert the charger inside the plug of the tablet they switch automatically on (such as Ipad or Iphone). The tablet that I bought does not support this function but if I insert the charger, the animation of the battery automatically starts so I believe that the CPU could start the OS. After some research I figured out that I must modify the Boot Image and so I need to bake a custom rom able to boot the OS when I insert the charger into the plug. Can anyone help me? it's really important, I am been working on this in the last two months with zero results. THANK YOU
  17. Tenho um Motorola Defy XT321 Tentei colocar em ROOT utilizando os seguintes programas: 1- UNLOCK ROOT 2- Z4root 3- SuperOneClick Mas não foram capaz de rotear o Motorola Defy XT321. Se alguém conhecer outro método de fazer o ROOT favor postar. Um grande abraço para todos.
  18. I have a Telus Samsung Galaxy S model T959D, and for the life of me, I can't seem to root it. I've tried SuperOneClick, z4root, the whole update.zip and recovery mode thing, and it still stays unrooted. Is there anything out there that'll finish this whole thing? I've been at it for almost a week.
  19. Hi, I'd like to turn an old Motorola Droid into a device for home use. Ideally this will stay at my nightstand at all times. I'd like it to: be an alarm clock, play music from the internet, with a sleep timer, tell me the weather, time, and read calendar events to me on command take voice commands at all times to: set, snooze, or turn off alarms, tell me weather and temp, tell me calendar events If you know of a simple way to do this, please let me know. I don't have much experience in rooting/breaking phones but I can do the research if led in the correct direction. Please also suggest any further additions to this project that you think I'd like. Thanks!
  20. Like the title suggest: Have you Rooted your phone? and why? 1) Just to do it? OR 2) to unlock hidden features 3) Add more functionality? I have NOT Rooted my phone... I figured it wasnt really worth it and Honestly I dont know much about it...
  21. Hey everyone, I want to know what apps you use on your rooted device. I just recently rooted my GSII, and flashed over a stable ICS ROM. I plan on doing an article of the must have apps for rooted devices and the ones that improve the experience. I am currently running Titanium Backups, ROM Manager, KM Launcher, and Screencaster. Let me know if you have better apps to try.
  22. I have lg optimus P500 mobile with android 2.3 gingerbread. I want to root it, so please tell me the procedure to root it and a software thro which i can root it.
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