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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I am in desperate need of help as I really need the phone in the next week. I am sure most of you are familiar with this problem, I'm not the first one, neither the last one to experience it. I am just going to say what happened, just in case. Okay, well it was working perfectly fine until today, about 3pm; I had done nothing wrong. I have downloaded the new game Dungeon Hunter 4 or something like that and then played it for about 10 minutes give or take. Then I killed the application and didn't touch my phone for about half an hour. I was about to check the time and weather when I realized that my phone was stuck in this weird state which usually appears when you turn on your phone; with the Galaxy S3 screen logo. I could not turn it of so my first instinct was to pull out the battery, so I did. I tried to turn on the phone but it got stuck at the same point. Then I said to myself maybe it was the battery was not charged enough so I plugged in the cable. It opened to the battery screen which usually loads for a few seconds and then stars charging but this time it didn't; it was stuck in the loading mode. I started to google it and see what causes this and how to solve it. I have tried most of the things but it seems as if all odds are against me. The home+vol-up+power wouldn't get me into recovery mode and it would only turn on the phone to the logo thingy. The home+vol-down+power would take me into download mode or whatever; so I tried Kies. It didn't work because at the end of the processing bit it would give me a message saying that the device was not recognized or something like that; therefore it would guide me through some other steps that I couldn't perform because I couldn't turn on the phone. What is there left to do as I don't have any ideas left and I don't want to mess up the phone somehow; it is not rooted or anything, I had the original firmware on it. Thank you.
  2. Hi Guys.. I am looking to buy a phablet(5+ screen size)..cause me and my wife are fascinated by big screens, rite now own a samsung ace :) Phones i am considering - 1) Micromax A110 Canvas 2 - http://www.gsmarena.com/micromax_a110-5088.php 2) Samsung Galaxy Note n7000 - 24K INR 3) Samsung galaxy S3 - 16 Gb - 29K INR My uses - 1) primary use to check mails,respond to mails, will like to edit documents on go and browsing/readin ebooks if my eyes dont pain :) 2) Gaming - not too heavy gaming, but heaviest 1 i wud like to play is FIFA/PES 2013. 3) Battery life better than my samsung galaxy ace, which just gives around 8 hours on 2g 4) Android Jelly bean or jelly bean upgaradable atleast :) 5) A nice resolution, atleast pixels should not show up. 6) Note 2 is too xpensive and out of question i feel :) Can you guys please suggest me some phones, would be really helpful. Thanks for your help in advance.. Regards, Chirag Shah
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