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Found 10 results

  1. Nowadays, many best Android phones like Galaxy S3 and the special sharp features of Android system may attract you very much, but you are just an iPhone guy. The iPhone or Android? It is a question for you. You may have ever thought of the switching from iPhone to Android, but whatever, when you have decide to move to Android, you need to do something to sync data to your Android. Here are some tips. 1.Set Google account 2.Sync Contacts and Calendar 3.Sync Photos, Music and Videos 4.Sycn SMS and voice mail 5.Enjoying Android Apps Source: Switch iPhone to Android
  2. hey guys, im going travelling for about 3 months or more shortly and am looking for a bank which will help keep my gopro/phone/tablet charged with me on the go. I have read many reviews but am still undecided on what to get. as well I'm unsure on size capacity that will help keep my items charged. i will be doing some hiking for up to 4 days off the grid too and hope to charge my cameras if need be. thanks all.
  3. When Computer was born,Many people think their life will have a new starting.As they imagine,Computer is the best love for most of people in a long time. But with the passage of time. Laptop replaced Computer gradually and to be new leading role. Until now ,Smartphone has become one indispensable part of our daily life ,Such as Iphone and Samsung. However,these give us a fantasy.Who will be next Iphone or Samsung ? Maybe everyone has their answer,But my answer is EZTV Living Room Computer.The reason is very simple.It has many functions that Smartphone can't achieve. First,It support network functions and can makes TV used as Computer. No matter how far you and TV. You still can manage TV like Computer. Such as, Play games, chat with your friend etc by wireless keyboard and mouse. Second,Except some android system functions and applications. It has easyROM system of Independent research and development. Systerm is more stable, Running is more smooth,Operation is easier.You can operate home page,browser,e-mail,video message etc.Only one step can complete it.
  4. I keep hearing from users that they are having problems with the battery life, it keeps draining faster and faster. So, I have came up with some reasons and tips which makes your device batter going crazy. Do you know you can save your battery by changing settings ? Do you know most of the power is consumed by because of the background apps? Regularly updating your apps can make difference. Avoid using apps which consumes most of the power. Read more at: What drains your Smartphone battery ?
  5. I'm a bit confused here. I'm about to buy a tablet which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that has 7.0 inches screen (the price in my country is about 365 USD). I haven't owned any tablet. I only own a smartphone which is a BlackBerry Curve 8900. So this is going to be my first tablet. I'm planning to use this tablet mostly for browsing webs, taking journals (such as notes, agendas, reminders, calendars, etc.), and doing other activities such as using social medias (such as Path, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), checking e-mails, watching movies, listening musics, making video calls, taking photos, etc. For me, 7.0 inches is an absolute perfect size for some of those uses. It is not too big and it is not too small either. On the other hand, I've been thinking to change my smartphone also. Because at some point BlackBerry is dead, isn't it? If I buy this tablet, of course I have to spend my money for another smartphone, which is not going to be an expensive one (the budget is below 250 USD). From another point of view, there's a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (the price in my country is about 570 USD) which people call it tablet (smartphone + tablet). At some point, Samsung Galaxy Note 1's specifications is outdated (because of the rise of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2). But at some other point, this tablet's specifications are simply enough for me. I like this tablet because of the stylus (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches has no stylus) and the back and front cameras (which have higher resolutions than Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches). The rest of its specifications are almost the same with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches that I want. If I buy this phablet, I think I shouldn't buy another smartphone to replace my BlackBerry (because I can use it as a smartphone or a tablet). But according to the size, it has a confusing size. It's too smal for a tablet and it's too big for a smartphone. Therefore, I need your advice for which gadget should I buy. I'm a common person that has no high knowledge about technology these days. Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches with an other inexpensive smartphone or a Samsung Galaxy Note 1? I have a restricted budget, that's why I pick those gadgets as my options. Pardon me for my bad english :P
  6. Recent days, Samsung Galaxy S4 is definitely the hot topic in smartphones since it was debut on Mar.14. Undoubtedly, the most popular Samsung smartphones ware Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 before, and when Galaxy S4 joined the game, which one will become the flagship of Samsung? And facing with the powerful and science fiction device S4, is there a need to upgrade for S3 and Note 2 guys? Before that, we should take some considering about the phones, the basic method, compare them, Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy Note 2. Read More
  7. Finally, another great smartphone HTC One has come to us after the Nexus 4, Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5. So, what’s the surprise does the phone brought along? And can it compete for the best smartphones mentioned above on the present market?Maybe we need to compare with them, so just read the article "HTC One vs LG Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5 "
  8. Hi everybody :rolleyes: The point is rather simple. We believe (that is a hypothesis) that it's a big deal for the majority of Android users to understand all the possibilities and advantages that Android OS could bring to them. :blink: So it's a greate opportunity for services (mobile applications) which can operate themselves adjusting a smartphone to his owner needs. By analyxing the pattern of using the smartphone and all best users experience practices. And thereafter giving them different recomendaitions of what they could do with their phone setting in order to optimize its productivity, what application he would like above all and would be the best to work on his smartphone and so on and so forth. So what do you think about all of this. Thank you very much in advance for your feedback! B)
  9. Hi guys, as I am working on a project on a Android Phone manager on PC. I need your advise on whether it is needed by the vast android users! And what function/feature is needed with the presence of the GOOGLE services. Here, I will made a comparison of the 2 android mangers that have been live for a while. Hope this can give you some ideas of what function/feature you need. And please do told me what you think of them. As well as what you guys need.
  10. I found a new method to transfer contact data from Android to iPhone, I think you guys might have the same problem as me, so I decided to share it with you. I have used HTC desire for nearly one and half years and all the contact data in this device is so important for me. Then this year my brother gave me an iPhone 4S as my 21 years birthday present. It was a great gift, however, the problem comes to me that how I can transfer my contact data to my new iPhone 4s. I searched Google and got some ways such as: using the Sim card, syncing to Google contacts; using Synkontact; or import and export my contact data using Moborobo. I don’t like to upload my contact data to any unknown internet space, so I choose not to use google contacts and synkontact. Why? Because I don’t trust any web storage space! So, Moborobo become my choice. I can safely export contact data on my HTC desire to my computer and import it to my lovely iPhone 4s. Ok, it’s done! Easy and safe. If you get other ways to transfer data between iPhone and Android, please tell me! :)
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