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Found 2 results

  1. We want to unite "smartphone fans", ie all people for whom the smartphone is not just a dialer, but a powerful and useful gadget. We would be grateful for all opinions from "experts" and "dummies". The point is very simple - please, share: what you like and dislike in modern smartphones? What features do you use and which of them seems to be redundant? What functionality works well, and what still leaves much to be desired, etc. and so on? :huh:
  2. RIM--- the makers of the Blackberry smartphone had a record $125 million loss in Q4 2011. They had a record number of subscribers, but it couldn't offset yet another quarter of falling shipments. Both Android and iPhone users saw this coming from a mile away--- especially since each chomped away at the overall marketshare while improving enterprising capabilities. Because of this--- RIM has officially called it quits in the consumer arena and will focus solely on business users. While this is a huge victory for its competition, it's still a sad day for the mobile arena. I've personally used the Blackberry smartphone for both my personal phone and as a company device for many years. Sure it's outdated and pales in comparison to the potential of newer Androids and iPhones, but nothing will ever match its role in how we use our smartphones today. It still has perhaps the best keyboard period and is simply tops when it comes to emailing. It's a shame the BB OS platform couldn't evolve easily, but products come and go and it's Blackberry's time to fade off into the sunset. While we won't see the Blackberry brand immediately phased out, this is indeed a tale-tale sign of its imminent demise. What do you think? You folks see this coming? Are you sad? Thoughts? source: WSJ
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